Yesterday's Children - 2000 - TV

Directed by Marcus Cole
Airdate: October 15, 2000 - CBS

Writing credits (WGA)
Richard Leder

Emmy Award WIN:

Yesterday's Children • Song Title: "A Dream That Only I Can Know" • CBS • Cosgrove-Meurer Productions, Inc. • Patrick Williams, Composer/Lyricist • Performer, Jen Mahoney

Based on: "Jenny Cockell: Across Time and Death: a mother's search for her past life children" (published in 1994), available at

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Main Cast:
Jane Seymour .... Jenny Cole/Mary
Hume Cronyn .... Sunny
Clancy Brown .... Doug Cole
Claire Bloom .... Margaret (Jenny's Mom)
Gillian Caffrey .... young Sunny
Kyle Howard .... Kevin Cole

Plot Outline:

Jenny Cockell (Seymour), a happily married American architect, suddenly begins to experience recurring dreams about a woman named Mary living in a small Irish town with her four children and abusive husband. Soon after the dreams begin, Jenny discovers that she is pregnant. As her pregnancy progresses, Jenny's dreams turn into what seem to be personal recollections of the past. The visions intensify so much that they enable her to draw a detailed map of Mary's hometown.

Convinced that she is recalling her past life as Mary, Jenny tries to persuade her husband, Doug (Brown), and her son that her dreams are actually real memories. As her visions continue and become more detailed, Jenny realizes that Mary lived in 1930 and that her children could still be alive. Desperately needing answers about what she believes to be her life as Mary, Jenny begins a zealous quest to find the children. Her phone calls and letters are futile so, with the encouragement of her mother, Margaret (Bloom), Jenny travels to Ireland to search for the children.

Memories easily guide Jenny to Mary's hometown and the pieces start to fall into place. Jenny's detailed recollections lead her to Sonny (Cronyn), Mary's eldest child, whose unique relationship with his mother has haunted him as well.

While everyone struggles to accept what Jenny proves to be true, she must learn how to make peace with the past and live in the present.