WAR AND REMEMBRANCE - (1988-1989) - TV

Directed by: Dan Curtis

Video Clip - "Please don't hurt my son!" (1.19MB)
Video Clip - "rozinkes mit mandelenez" (.63MB)
Video Clip - "At least when I was in danger, I could fight!" (1.93MB)
Video Clip - "It's mommy, Lewis" (1.60MB)

Copyright Dan Curtis Productions, Ltd. and Paramount Television (ABC)

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Credited Cast:

Robert Mitchum .... Victor 'Pug' Henry
Jane Seymour .... Natalie Henry
Hart Bochner .... Byron Henry
John Gielgud .... Aaron Jastrow
Victoria Tennant .... Pamela Tudsbury
Polly Bergen .... Rhoda Henry
David Dukes .... Leslie Slote
Michael Woods .... Warren Henry
Sharon Stone .... Janice Henry
Robert Morley .... Alistair Tudsbury
Barry Bostwick .... 'Lady' Aster
Sami Frey .... Avram Rabinovitz
Topol .... Berel Jastrow
John Rhys-Davies .... Sammy Mutterperl
Ian McShane .... Philip Rule
William Schallert .... Harry Hopkins
Bill Wallis .... Werner Beck
Jeremy Kemp .... Brigadier General Armin Von Roon
Steven Berkoff .... Adolf Hitler
E.G. Marshall .... Dwight D. Eisenhower
Robert Hardy .... Winston Churchill
Ralph Bellamy .... President Franklin D. Roosevelt

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This last great mini-series dramatizes the entire Second World War, and does so at times with a raw honesty unseen before or since on network TV. Shot on location around the world, the intriguing story follows the various members of the Henrys, an American Naval family as they encounter every major event of the war.

The heart is the central plot of Jane Seymour, in a heartbreaking career-best performance as an American Jew trapped in Europe. As the Henry family, consisting of , her husband (Bochner) and her uncle (Gielgud), are slowly, inexorably pulled into the Holocaust, we follow them, step by step to the final horrors of Auschwitz, filmed entirely on location.

The movie is aided by an unforgettable score by Bob Cobert, with the main theme which encapsulates every single emotion of the thirty hours into its two minutes. "War and Remembrance" is as close to time travel as is possible, and makes that dark period of history come powerfully alive.