Touching Wild Horses - 2002 - TV - Crew Profiles

Eleanor Lindo, Director

Eleanore made her directorial debut on the television family adventure series, The Littlest Hobo. This was followed by directing episodes of the Emmy-nominated The Ray Bradbury Theatre, an anthology series scripted by the famed science-fiction author, Ray Bradbury, The Road to Avonlea, based on the novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery, the genie-nominated series The Hidden Room, Catwalk, Matrix, and Nancy Drew. Lindo then went on to direct the series, Little Men, and made her MOW film debut by directing the sci-fi drama, Life in a Day.

David M. Perlmutter, Producer

David Perlmutter has always been involved peripherally in the entertainment field and in 1971, taking advantage of Canadian government efforts to encourage film production, he established Quadrant Films to make theatrical releases. By 1988, he had produced or packaged over $200 million worth of film and television production. Perlmutter's films during this period ranged from the undersea adventure, The Neptune Factor to the first feature films starring Second City alumni John Candy and Dan Aykroyd. During this time, he was also one of the founders of First Choice Canadian Communications, Canada's first pay-TV network.

In 1988, Perlmutter co-founded Cinexus Capital Corporation, which acquired Panavision Canada, the largest film equipment supplier in the country. As part of Cinexus, he also became involved in theatrical distribution through a joint venture with Famous Players, the Canadian theatrical subsidiary of Paramount. Perlmutter's partnership with Lewis Chesler began with the founding of Chesler/Perlmutter Productions in 1989, although Perlmutter had previously arranged financing for most of Chesler's projects since 1979.

Perlmutter has been extremely active in many Canadian entertainment industry activities. He is founder of the Canadian Association of Motion Picture Producers and was instrumental in bringing about the merger to form its successor, the Canadian Film and Television Producers Association. He has also participated in the negotiation of co-production agreements between Canada and Germany and the United Kingdom.

Lewis Chesler, Producer

Lewis Chesler began his TV career in 1977 when he sold TV rights to a Neil Simon tribute he was preparing to the, then new, company called Home Box Office. The show was one of the first big attractions on HBO, and Chesler followed it with dozens of other shows in the mid-80s, most notably a series of Red Skelton and George Burns specials which still rank among cable's biggest successes.

In 1983, he created The Hitchhiker, still the highest rated series on cable. One of the most enduring aspects of Chesler's efforts during The Hitchhiker was the encouragement of industry acceptance of cable programming as a venue to showcase top film talents. The Hitchhiker became HBO's first truly successful and most highly rated dramatic series and went on to be nominated for over 25 Cable Ace awards, winning nine.

In 1986, Chesler joined MGM TV as a a producer where he developed and produced movies and series including The Edge which featured some of the industry's leading screenwriters and feature directors. In the early 1980s, Chesler was one of the founders of First Choice Canadian Communications (now The Movie Network) and a founding partner in the post-production facility, Magnetic North. Since 1989, Chesler has worked in partnership with David M. Perlmutter in Chesler/Perlmutter Productions.

Frank Hübner, Producer

Frank Hübner is the CEO of the Filmfunds ApolloMedia GmbH. He is also the executive producer of the forthcoming films, I Am Dina, starring Marie Bonnevie, Gérard Depardieu based on the novel by Herbjørg Wassmo, and producer on the family film, Kart Racer, starring Randy Quaid and Will Rothhaar. He was executive producer on historical drama, The Musketeer, with Justin Chambers, Mena Suvari and Catherine Deneuve, and action thriller Feardotcom starring Natascha McElhone, Stephen Dorff and Stephen Rea. Hübner was producer on the comedy Boat Trip with Cuba Gooding Jr., Investigating Sex, the biopic of Alma Mahler, the wife of composer Gustav Mahler Bride of the Wind, starring Sarah Winter and Jonathan Pryce, and co-producer on My First Mister and The Extremists with Rufus Sewell.

Paco Alvarez, Co-Producer

Paco Alvarez's credits include The Undertaker's Wedding, starring Adrian Brody, Breakout, with Robert Carradine, Red Blooded American Girl I &II, plus The Swordsman and One Man Out. Alvarez produced Red Hot, starring Donald Sutherland and Armin Muller-Stahl, the TV movies, Zebra Lounge, Isabella Rocks, Murray Maguire, M.E., and Breakfast With Dick and Dorothy. Currently, his television series, Alternate Routes, hosted by G. Garnet Harding is running on the Outdoor Life Network.

Steve Danyluk, Director of Photography

Steve Danyluk was the cinematographer for the crime drama TV series, Falcone, directed by Gary Felder and David Grossman for which he was nominated for Best Cinematography in a TV series by the Canadian Society of Cinematographers. He received the same nomination for his work on the series, Blue Murder and again for Emily of New Moon. His other credits include Le Dernier Souffle, which received multiple nominations and won a 2000 Jutra Award, Richard Ciupka's comedy, Coyote and The Skulls 2. Danyluk also worked on Physical Evidence with Burt Reynolds and directed by Michael Crichton, Ted Kotcheff's Switching Channels and the comedy Hold Up starring Jean Paul Belmondo and Kim Cattrall.

Tom Carnegie, Production Designer

Thom Carnegie was the production designer on David Mamet's Lakeboat, directed by Joe Mantegna, the outdoor adventure about a boy and a grizzly bear, Grizzly Falls, directed by Stewart Raffill, and George Mendeluk's surprising drama Men of Means. As set designer and art director, Carnegie worked on creating the look for X-Men, Promise The Moon, the television mini-series The Last Don, That Old Feeling, Extreme Measures and Harriet The Spy.

Morganne Newson, Costume Designer

Morganne Newson creates costumes for theatre, dance, television and film in Canada, England and the United States. Her designs may be seen in Jerry Ciccoritti's Boy Meets Girl, Paris, France and Life Before This, and in Saul Rubinek's Jerry & Tom. Newson's feature film credits also include Bartleby, Playing House, and Departure. As key wardrobe and costumer, she worked on the Planets, Canadian Bacon, Searching For Bobby Fischer and Fight For Life. On television, Newson is responsible for the costumes on Disney's series The Famous Jett Jackson, Earthquake in New York, Flash Forward, Four Short Films (for SNL), and Jerry Ciccoritti's Straight Up and A Prayer In The Dark.

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