Touching Wild Horses - 2002 - TV - Cast Profiles

Mark Rendall - "Mark Benton"

Blond, blue-eyed, dimpled and freckled-faced, Mark Rendall lights up a room with his smile. People are drawn to him, like moths to lighting. The 12-year-old-boy has an infectious enthusiasm and natural charm.

Only a year-and-a-half ago, out of the blue, Mark announced to his parents that he was interested in acting. Coincidently, in Toronto, the London Touring Company was holding open auditions for children for the stage musical Oliver. His parents took him to it, for the sake of the learning experience, and prepared him for disappointment. He got three of the roles: as one of the orphans, as Spider and as Oliver's understudy.

He acted, sang and danced - and loved every moment. "It was difficult to learn hundreds of lines," Mark says, "but once I learned them, I didn't have to think about them. They just came to me naturally. I actually became the characters!" Mark had neither formal acting training nor singing lessons before he was hired for Oliver. But he did perform a song on stage once a year from the age of four. His father, Henry Rendall, ran an annual lip-synch fundraiser at Toronto's Allenby Public Elementary School that Mark's two older brothers - and later, Mark himself - attended.

Mark says he loves acting because "it's fun," and "I get to pretend to be other people." He definitely wants to be an actor when he grows up, no ifs and buts. Off stage and away from the cameras, Mark is an average Canadian boy who plays baseball, soccer and golf in the summer and skis and plays hockey in the winter. He also takes karate and drum lessons. And much like a normal Grade 7 boy, he complains about too much homework.

In his most recent movie project, he stars with acclaimed television actress, Jane Seymour, in Touching Wild Horses. Read more!

Charles Martin Smith - "Charlie"

He made his screen debut in The Culpepper Cattle Company, but his breakout role was as Terry (a.k.a. 'Toad'), a bumbler who romances an older woman (Candy Clark), in George Lucas' seminal American Graffiti. Smith offered strong support to Gary Busey as a 1950's musician in The Buddy Holly Story, and had one of his best screen roles as Farley Mowat, a biologist in the Arctic, in Carroll Ballard's Never Cry Wolf. He was again cast as a scientist, this time pursuing alien Jeff Bridges, in John Carpenter's Starman and he offered a fine turn as a methodical accountant recruited as one of The Untouchables.

Smith made his directing debut with the rock 'n' roll horror film Trick or Treat and then went on to direct Fifty/Fifty and Air Bud, Conrad, Emily the Cow and The Dolphin Boy. But Smith has not forsaken acting and can currently be seen in the drama, Here's To Life, starring Ossie Davis.

In his most recent movie project, he stars with acclaimed television actress, Jane Seymour, in Touching Wild Horses. Read more!