Touching Wild Horses - 2002 - TV

Directed by Eleanor Lindo

Production credits: David M. Perlmutter (executive producer)
Lewis Chesler (producer)
Frank Hübner (producer)
Chesler/Perlmutter Production Company

Writing credits: (WGA)
(written by) Murray McRae

Best Feature for a Children's Audience at Cinemagic - the World Screen Festival for Young People in Belfast in December

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Widescreen Theatrical Release: April 30, 2004 in Salt Lake City, UT -- larger release imminent; stay tuned for more information.

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From Danielle (Dani) Bouffard, who plays Megan Benton: "I had a lot of fun on the set. It was really nice of Jane to say that I looked cute, it made me feel so good when she said that! I think Jane is really nice and a good artist, too! She showed me a picture she drew of her twin boys as angels! It was very nice! I also had a lot of fun playing with Jane's boys too! ~ luv Dani"

Photos from the Set (images open in a new window):

Setting up the Car Crash
Dani Bouffard and Mark Rendall
View of the Sandbanks
Jane and Dani
Dani, Mark, Kris and John
Dani & James McGowan
The "Benton Family"

The above photos are copyrighted by Danielle Bouffard's Club

Jane opens mail on the set
Jane as Fiona
Director Eleanore Lindo and Mark
Fiona and Thurgood disagree
Mark Rendall and John (colt)
Fiona and Mark on an ATV
Steve Danyluk and Jane on set
Fiona and Mark in her hut
Jane as Fiona
Wilds horses on the dunes
Mark posing for the camera
Mark and John (colt)
Mark and John (motherless colt)
The sun sets on the wild horses

The above photos are copyrighted by Chesler/Perlmutter Productions and Animal Tales Productions

Credited Cast / Credited Crew (crew profiles):

Jane Seymour .... Fiona
Mark Rendall .... Mark Benton (nephew)
James McGowan .... John Benton (uncle)
Danielle Bouffard .... Megan Benton (niece)
Charles Martin Smith .... "Charlie" Thurgood - Ranger
coming soon! .... Social Worker
coming soon! .... Gail

Plot Outline:

A touching drama about a reclusive scientist (Seymour, "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman", "Live and Let Die", "Somewhere in Time") living on an island doing research on wild horses. Her nephew (Rendall, "Tales from the Neverending Story") comes to live with her after a major car accident that kills her sister's family, with the exception of the boy and her sister (Bouffard) who is in critical condition in the hospital. The movie shows how these two resistant participants find love and understanding in their attempt to live alone on an island.

Filmed at a local provincial park (equivilant to a state park) called Sandbanks, some scenes were filmed in the town of Belleville, but the majority of the movie takes place on a "remote" island of wild horses.

Plot Synopsis:

A drunken teenager behind the wheel of a car changed young Mark Benton's life forever. The car accident killed his father and little sister and left his mother in a coma. Mark now stands in the prow of a boat crossing the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean studiously avoiding the appraising eyes of his formidable Aunt Fiona, a researcher who has spent twenty years alone studying the wild horses which live on Sable Island.

Even before they land at Sable Island, a tiny sandbar 300 miles off the coast of Nova Scotia, Fiona lays out the ground rules of their relationship: she is not interested in family, she is not to be called 'aunt,' and she doesn't tolerate lies. She won't pretend she's happy to have him with her, and Mark will have to learn to do things her way or he'll be on the next boat back to the social worker. As they disembark and Mark takes in the desolate, haunting loneliness of his new home, Fiona tells him one more thing. The island is completely uninhabited except for a herd of wild ponies, which swam ashore from shipwrecks hundreds of years ago. They have lived there for hundreds of years and are completely self-sufficient. The final and most important rule: Never touch the wild horses.

Not surprisingly, Mark is quickly enchanted by the graceful, beautiful animals who appear and disappear in the fog almost supernaturally. But when a hurricane kills a mare, leaving her colt orphaned and doomed, Mark secretly breaks the cardinal rule and begins feeding and caring for the animal.

Meanwhile, Fiona teaches Mark, forcing him to concentrate and study. Initially rebellious, Mark becomes intrigued with learning almost in spite of himself and his educational journey begins to bring him close to Fiona. Mark discovers the tender heart which beats beneath her thorny exterior, and they both finally realize that most of their negative attitudes stem from experiences in their lives which need to be shared if they're to fully heal. Fiona's months with Mark have made her ready to stop hiding. They are both ready to begin their lives again.