"Beyond fantasy. Beyond obsession. Beyond time itself...he will find her."

Jane Seymour
Elise McKenna
Somewhere In Time

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In a role which defined and helped set the stage for her resulting romantic film career, Jane plays the engaging and memorable character of Elise McKenna, a famous actress of the American stage in the early 1900's whose portrait catches the eye of an American playright in 1980. Richard Collier is a young playright who is approached by an old woman during the premiere of his first play in 1972. She gives him an antique gold watch and asks him to "come back to me." However, it's not until eight years later when Richard falls in love with a photograph of a beautiful young woman, and research reveals a recent portrait depicting the same woman who attended his premiere eight years earlier. Collier then becomes obsessed with returning to 1912 and the beautiful young woman who is waiting for him. Jane and Chris sizzle with a chemistry and charisma which keep your eyes glued to the screen and your interest piqued throughout the entire movie.

Somewhere in Time began as a "flop" at the box office in 1980, but shortly thereafter, it was released on video and developed a "cult" following which has continued to grow for the past two decades. They are known affectionately as "INSITE" members (International Network of Somewhere In Time Enthusiasts). Now, after twenty years and a theatrical re-release for the twentieth anniversary, plus a release on DVD, the movie continues to enthrall and amaze. It's even attracted fans from all over the world who gather annually at the location where the movie was filmed: Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in Michigan.Some even come in period costume, and the weekend reunion is full of fun, laughter, reminiscing and even visits from some of the cast and crew.

Chris paid a visit in 1993, and Jane returned to the island for the first time since filming in October of 2002, both heralded and warmly welcomed by all.

Men and women of all ages and professions have come to love this movie and the message it communicates: Love can transcend time. It's a movie you'll watch again and again. This page is only a simple tribute to Jane and this endearing role. For full coverage on the movie and events related to it, visit the Official Somewhere In Time Website, created and sponsored by INSITE. For those interested in collecting, visit their merchandise gallery for exclusive SIT items available for purchase.

On October 24th, AMC Movies 25 in New York City hosted a re-premiere of the movie in honor of its 20th anniversary re-release in select movie theatres across the country. Jane and Chris were among the many from the cast and crew who attended, and they were joined by several members of the cast as well as members of INSITE. Click on the image below to read the transcript from the live chat in which Jane and Chris participated.