Modern Men - 2006 - TV

Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer & Jonathan Littman
Executive Producers: Aaron Peters, Ross McCall, Marsh McCall

Writing credits (WGA)
Aaron Peters, Ross McCall, Marsh McCall

Official Web Site:
Warner Bros. will have a web site for the show located at ( but it hasn't launched yet. It will launch in tandem with the pilot premiere of the show. For now, you can visit the show's page on the WB web site.

Filming Reports :
As these reports from the filming of the first six (6) episodes are considered "spoilers," we have placed them on a separate page. Many thanks to Lynn for sharing her impressions with us.

Credited Cast:

Jane Seymour
Dr. Victoria Stangel
Josh Braaten
Tim Clarke
Max Greenfield
Kyle Brewster
Eric Lively
Doug Reynolds
Marla Sokoloff
Molly Clarke, Tim's sister
George Wendt
Tug Clarke, Tim's father

Starring: JOSH BRAATEN ("Less Than Perfect"), MAX GREENFIELD ("Veronica Mars"), ERIC LIVELY ("The L Word"), MARLA SOKOLOFF ("The Practice," "Desperate Housewives"), GEORGE WENDT ("Cheers") and JANE SEYMOUR ("Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman").

Pilot Episode (3/17/06): Give 'Til You Learn

Dr. Stangel (Jane Seymour) is a prominent Chicago lifecoach with no-nonsense views about men, women and relationships. Approached by Tim, who's desperate to turn his life around, Dr. Stangel is pleasantly matter-of-fact, while combining common-sense practical advice with disarming charm (and a healthy dose of sarcasm) to help her clients overcome their fears and inhibitions. When Tim brings along his two buddies for group therapy, Dr. Stangel sees them as the dysfunctional Three Stooges, and is determined to see them find normal, loving relationships, in spite of their own self-destructive behavior. Written by Marsh McCall, Ross McCall and Aaron Peters and directed by James Widdoes.

"I'm going to come in and shake your hand. Is this going to be a problem?" (2.84MB)
"Do you have any bad childhood memories?...I don't! My life was filled with ponies and picnics..." (1.98MB)
"So, if you want to make this a group session, I can handle it...God knows you need me..." (1.92MB)
"I thought I scheduled you boys for the end of the day, so your stories are fresh in my mind when I meet with my friends..." (1.83MB)
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Episode #2 (March 24, 2006) The Break Up

Dr. Stangel (Jane Seymour) pushes Tim (Josh Braaten) to break up with his extremely boring girlfriend Marci (guest star Arden Myrin). When Tim finally gets the nerve to tell Marci it's over, she runs into traffic and wakes up in the hospital with no memory of Tim having dumped her. Meanwhile, Dr. Stangel tells Doug (Eric Lively) that it's time for him to start a physical relationship with a woman, and Kyle (Max Greenfield) sets him up with one of his early conquests. Marla Sokoloff and George Wendt also star. Written by Ross McCall and Aaron Peters and directed by Terry Hughes.

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Episode #3 (March 31, 2006) Sexual Healing

Doug (Eric Lively) is afraid to sleep with his new girlfriend Jennifer, (guest star Jolie Jenkins) the first after his divorce. Tim's (Josh Braaten) new girlfriend Anita (Rhea Seehorn) seems to be ho-hum in bed, and Kyle (Max Greenfield) learns that he's not as desirable as he thinks he is. Dr. Stangel (Jane Seymour) tells the guys that they are putting too munch emphasis on sex and must try to establish an emotional connection in their relationships. Marla Sokoloff and George Wendt also star. Written by Craig Doyle and directed by Terry Hughes.

"And now we come to our lesson of the week...connect with women on an emotional level." (4.13MB)
"Good Lord, you actually registered something I said." (2.95MB)
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Episode #4 (April 7, 2006) Timmy Can You Hear Me?

With an assignment from Dr. Stangel (Jane Seymour) to become active listeners, the guys try to hear what the women in their lives are saying. Kyle (Max Greenfield) finds out infornation that leads him to dump one girl in favor of her friend, Doug (Eric Lively) listens to old answering machine messages from his ex-wife and comes to the conclusion that she wants him back and Tim (Josh Braaten) tries to fix his sister's (Marla Sokoloff) car problems by anonymously depositing money into her back account. George Wendt also stars. Written by Mike Teverbaugh and directed by Terry Hughes.

"Kyle, would you like an additional assignment?" (1.88MB)
"I was about to go to the gym. This doesn't just happen." (2.19MB)
"You're going to go down swinging, aren't you?" (4.47MB)
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Episode #5 (April 14, 2006) Kyle Dates Up

Dr. Stangel (Jane Seymour) challenges Kyle (Max Greenfield) to date a woman that he'd normally consider out of his league, so Tim (Josh Braaten) suggests he speak to Molly (Marla Sokoloff) about setting Kyle up with one of her lawyer friends. Molly ends up going to dinner with Kyle instead. Tim immediately demands that Kyle drop any thought of dating Molly or their friendship is over. Meanwhile, Tug (George Wendt) finally asks out Iris (guest star Lisa Ann Walter), a vendor he's known for years, after learning of her breast enlargement surgery. Eric Lively also stars. Written by Bonnie Kallman and directed by Terry Hughes.

"'Stop Blaming Your Mommy.' It's #4 in my "Stop Blaming' series." (2.64MB)
"I'm sorry. That was wildly inappropriate." (3.13MB)
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Episode #6 (April 21, 2006) The Homewrecker

Doug (Eric Lively) becomes concerned when he learns that Kyle (Max Greenfield) is becoming romantically obsessed with Dr. Stangel (Jan Seymour). Meanwhile, Tim (Josh Braaten) decides to reconnect with his high school sweetheart, Barbara (guest star Erinn Hayes), the first love of his life. He finds her in a big suburban home having settled down with an abrasive husband and two dismissive children. Upon seeing each other they realize that there's still a connection and end up sleeping together. When Tim tries to break off the relationship, he discovers that she's merely the nanny for the family. Marla Sokoloff and George Wendt also star. Written by John Mankiewicz and directed by Terry Hughes.

"Oh dear, and me with my 2-year waiting list." (2.44MB)
"Kyle, we all have secrets...I wear contact lenses." (3.39MB)
"They dream about me too...they haven't seen my summer wardrobe yet." (2.81MB)
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Episode #7 (April 28, 2006) Give 'Til You Learn (season finale)

Hoping to teach the guys to consider the needs of others, Dr. Stangel (Jane Seymour), asks each of them to do an utterly selfless act. Doug (Eric Lively) tutors a 10-year-old named Victor (guest star Jeffrey Tedmori), but is so obsessive that he pushes the kid away. Kyle (Max Greenfield) sleeps with a plus size woman named Ellen (guest star Emily Nelson) and is shocked to find that she feels she's doing him a favor. Tim (Josh Braaten) falls for Angelica (guest star Brooke Burns), a woman fighting world hunger, but asks her to give up her fight when she is asked to move to Africa to continue her work. Marla Sokoloff and George Wendt also star. Written by Miriam Trogdon and directed by Terry Hughes.

"If you guys want to become better men...." (3.26MB)
"You convinced her not to go to Africa?" (3.34MB)
"I may have played a role in my wife leaving me." (1.85MB)
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Series Plot Outline:

From WB -- Coming Friday March 17th (9:30/8:30c) to The WB Network, Modern Men offers a fresh male perspective on modern relationships. Tim Clarke (Josh Braaten, Less Than Perfect), Kyle Brewster (Max Greenfield, Veronica Mars) and Doug Reynolds (Eric Lively, The L Word) are childhood friends who, now in their late twenties, have arrived at different places in their lives when it comes to women. Desperate for advice and guidance in matters of the heart, they seek the help of Dr. Victoria Stangel (Jane Seymour, Wedding Crashers, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman), a renowned and beautiful life coach.

The problems these three friends have with women are all over the emotional map. Doug can't move on from Allie, his high school sweetheart and ex-wife. Learning how to date again is especially tough for Doug since the last time he was single and looking was when he was 15. Kyle has the opposite problem. An inveterate Lothario, Kyle cavalierly jumps from woman to woman in order to hide the fact that, secretly, he's terrified that no one out there pictures him as the one. Finally, Tim's problem is simply that he keeps getting dumped and has no idea why. Though their situations are different, each of these guys has come to the same realization--it takes a lot more than they expected to keep a woman happy.

Tim's sister Molly (Marla Sokoloff, Desperate Housewives, The Practice) is a confident young law student. Molly tries to make her brother and his friends understand that today's career-minded, self-sufficient women don't need a man for support; they're looking for a deeper and more meaningful connection. As Molly continually points out, if women don't need men any more, it's up to men to make women want them.

Tim and Molly's dad Tug (George Wendt, Cheers) finds the idea of catering to a woman's need laughable. Stuck in the Stone Age when it comes to the opposite sex, Tug is a former NFL long-snapper who has parlayed his semi-celebrity status into a restaurant called The Tughouse, which Tim co-owns. Molly knows that these guys need more help than she or Tug can provide, so she gives Tim the name of someone who is equal to the task: Dr. Victora Stangel.

Dr. Stangel definitely challenges the guys' respective comfort zones. She helps Doug admit he's been in denial about the end of his marriage. She dares Kyle to date up, foregoing the brainless mannequins he usually dates for a woman he considers out of his league. As for Tim, she pushes him to break up with a particularly fragile woman with whom he sees no future, rather than meekly hoping she'll dump him first. Dr. Stangel confronts the basic questions that plague many modern relationships: Why can't men listen? When does selflessness turn into selfishness? Can we get past an obsession with looks and see the real person underneath? Dr. Stangel's tactics may be tough, but she has one important goal--to give her clients the skills and experiences that will turn them all into better men. In each episode we will see how these guys take her beneficial-yet-biting advice and apply it to their everyday situations.

This fresh male perspective on modern relationships is from Emmy Award-winning executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer (Pirates of the Caribbean, Bad Boys, Top Gun, the CSI and The Amazing Race franchises). Joining Bruckheimer are executive producers Marsh McCall (Just Shoot Me, The Naked Truth) and Jonathan Littman (Without A Trace, the CSI and The Amazing Race franchises), along with co-executive producers Ross McCall & Aaron Peters (Just Shoot Me, The Simple Life). From Jerry Bruckheimer Television in association with Warner Bros. Television Production Inc.

Plot summary and photo graphics copyright Warner Bros (WB).