IN CASE of EMERGENCY - (2007) - TV sitcom

Created by Howard J. Morris, In Case of Emergency is a production of ABC Television Studio, Bushwacker Productions and Howard J. Morris Productions

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Credited Cast:
David Arquette .... Jason Ventress
Jonathan Silverman .... Harry Kennison
Greg Germann .... Sherman Yablonsky
Kelly Hu .... Kelly Lee
Lori Loughlin .... Dr. Joanna
Jackson Bond .... Harry's young son, Dylan
Jane Seymour .... Mrs. Donna Ventress (guest star)

Plot Summary:

The concept for In Case of Emergency sprang from the real lives of both Howard J. Morris and Emile Levisetti over a lunch in 2005. Morris, a forty-year old newly divorced single father, had just come from the doctor's office, where for the first time in his life he had not known whose name to write down as his emergency contact. This resonated with Levisetti, a forty-year old life-long bachelor, who volunteered that he had faced the same uncertainty for the last twenty years. The two marveled over the fact that even though they had completely opposite life experiences to date, they both had reached the same common ground. Morris' vision was to showcase the comedic, high-stakes emotional lives of four friends who reunite and bond in the same way he had done with Levisetti. Through these four characters, the show also explores some universal truths that come with age -- when things get bad, they can always get worse; and that what doesn't kill you will certainly bring laughter to your friends.

Episode 6: Oh, Henry!

Legendary actress Jane Seymour guest-stars in the first of three episodes.

Seymour plays Jason's (David Arquette) mother, Donna. In her first episode, Jason, on the verge of going to jail, can cut a deal if he rats on his Uncle Henry, who happens to be Donna's favorite brother. Jason begs Harry (Jonathan Silverman) to help him with Donna because she always favored Harry over him. Things quickly get hot when Donna starts flirting with Harry and makes a pass at him. But the fireworks don't end there, as Donna asks Harry to give her a ride home - alone.

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Episode 7: Forbidden Love

Jason is furious to discover that his mother, Donna (guest star Jane Seymour), is having an affair with Harry, forcing him to rethink his love for Joanna. Meanwhile Sherman struggles to maintain his diet, and Dylan develops a crush on Kelly.

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Episode 8: Proof of Love

Sherman convinces Kelly to help him kidnap his wife from an Ashram. Meanwhile, Harry reveals to Jason he's having sex with Jason's mother, and Jason has proof that Dr. Joanna kissed him.

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