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Fans Forum - a forum for French fans around the world.

Lady Jane Discussion List - Join with others who love Jane as much as you and exchange discussions through e-mail. Easy, convenient and fun!

Tribute to Jane Seymour - Anne's photo tribute to a very special lady.

Wikiverse.com - Jane's feature page on A World of Knowledge, a community of sites dedicated to providing high-quality informative web content.

Dr. Quinn

Branduin's Dr. Quinn Site - Visit this site for an attractive and well-organized display of the information and photos from Dr. Quinn.

Dr. Quinn Official Web Site - Everything and anything you ever wanted to know about the show, the actors, the characters, the episodes, plus so much more!

Jennifer Johnson's Sapphire Dreams DQ Site - A site dedicated to her love of Dr. Quinn and featuring the wallpapers which are included on Jane's site in the Miscellaneous section. Also featured are more wallpapers.

Jim Knobeloch - a fan site dedicated to the actor who played Mayor Jake Slicker on Dr. Quinn.

Judy's Dr. Quinn Journal Site - Read her personal experiences from visiting the set several times and about her meetings and interactions with many of the cast members.

Mike & Sully - a site dedicated to this favorite couple.

Pacific Resident Theatre - The place where many cast alumni have appeared on stage in various productions. Frank Collison is actively involved with the company when he's not filming his movie projects.

Wear Me Out Kids - Clothing store owned by the family of the triplets who played Katie on Dr. Quinn and featuring clothing for children.

Fan Fiction

Carolyn W's Stories
Debby K's Stories
Pam H's Stories (Australia)
Tiff's Stories

Movies & TV

Battlestar Galactica Colonial Fan Force - Help us bring back your heroes. We have a real chance of seeing the role models we grew up with gracing the big screen! Visit our site to find out how.

Bid Time Return - a Somewhere in Time web site by Tai.

Official Somewhere in Time Web Site - It's the movie that has established an international cult following, even after more than 20 years. Check out everything you ever wanted to know about the movie and the actors.

Co-Stars Web Sites

Hart Bochner - Starring opposite Jane in John Steinbeck's East of Eden and the acclaimed miniseries War & Remembrance, he again starred with her in Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises, another successful miniseries adaptation.

The Official Joe Lando Web Page - Online source of information for the actor who's known internationally as Byron Sully, the enigmatic mountain man of Dr. Quinn.

William Shockley - official web site and fan site.


Actors on the Internet - Official web sites and contact information for celebrities

ChildHelp USA - One of the charities that Jane actively supports.

Immortal Temptation - Jane is used as a prototype for a main character in this novel. See why!

Long Hair Lovers - The online source for hair care and advice for those with hair below their shoulders. Jane offers advice and hair care tips and is known for her trademark tresses.

Preeclampsia Foundation - (one of two in the world and the only one in the US) non-profit dedicated to raising public awareness about preeclampsia. Compromises over 6.6 M pregnancies around the world every year and is a leading cause of maternal and infant illness and death and responsible for 15% of all prematurities. Jane almost died from this during the delivery of her twins.

Q E Movies - Online directory for sites and web pages associated with movies, whether they be screen captures, summaries, video clips, audio clips information, or ordering sites.

Super-Shopping-Mall: Largest Online Mall, Lowest Prices! - A complete online shopping experience including apparel, jewelry, coupons, gifts, gift certificates, "As Seen on TV," and a premier discount Travel Agency.

Top Secret Recipes - The recipes that ignite the romance that must never die. For the romantic in you. As Jane suggests in her book, "Guide to Romantic Living," you can unleash the romantic inside of you too!

Unlimited Additions - matching and coordinating clothing for multiples.

Zap-2-It Store - purchase photos of Jane, as they are available.