About the Official Jane Seymour Fan Site

The Official Jane Seymour Fan Site was established by Kris Voelker, is maintained by Tiffany Stockton, and is participated in by Jane Seymour and James Keach. This site hopes to respond on Jane's behalf as nearly as she would if she had the time, and will present accurate information that is honest and supports the views and philosophies of Jane, herself.

Meet the Staff:

Tiffany S. - Webmaster

Born outside of Washington, D.C. I first saw Jane Seymour in Somewhere in Time in 1980 and was immediately captivated by her riveting on-screen charisma. After watching her films throughout the 80's and into the 90's, I discovered Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman with the help of one of my college dormmates on the first Saturday of the second season. When I saw her on the screen, followed by the enigmatic mountain man and their obvious chemistry, that was all it took! I was irrevocably entranced, and never missed an episode or movie since.

I have been to the Paramount Ranch, where they filmed Dr. Quinn, and treasure many wonderful memories. Many friendships and relationships with the cast and crew were formed and still exist today.

Jane touched my heart and life during a very low time, and I have been supportive of her work ever since. The experiences I've had with Jane only endeared her to me more. I enjoy helping her and her fans in any way I can. As a result, my husband and I are fortunate enough to run this website. It is our hope to provide Jane's fans with a place where they feel a part of her life. We hope you do!

Branduin B. - Technical Advisor and Assistant

My dad was the one who saw the commercial for Dr. Quinn and taped the Pilot episode with me in mind. I wasn't much into TV at the time but after watching DQ at my friend's house several times I was hooked and went to my dad begging for the Pilot. That was the middle of season one. From then on Dr. Quinn was my Saturday night date. You could do nothing to drag me away from the couch and VCR for that one hour! Watching Dr. Mike I was interested in the actress behind the character. From then on I have been a fan of Jane's work. From watching her other movies and reading more about her I have learned that she is not only a beautiful and talented performer but also a very caring person, loving mother and wonderful artist.

I have been involved in web design and programming since January of 2000 and have had my own site since May 2001. I am happy to lend a hand with FOJ and share the things I have learned along the way.

Jeff J. - Ace Correspondent

Born in New Bedford, Mass., I grew up in a family of three with parents who were originally from England. I ended up in San Diego, married to my high school sweetheart and with three beautiful children who are all attending college. I saw Jane for the first time in Live and Let Die and I was impressed by her talent and beauty. I have been a fan and enjoyed all her movies and TV appearances ever since. I started collecting photographs and memorbilia from her career and put together a large collection over the past 30 years with many one of a kind items from all over the world.

My wife and I became huge fans of the Dr. Quinn series and what a treat to be able to go to the ranch and watch the filming. Our first show was "The Library" and our time spent on the set eventually led to me being an extra in the first movie. We made many friendships during our visits which we cherish today. We continue to enjoy Jane's acting, her artwork, and I love being a part of her website.

Anne M. - Greeting Card and Wallpaper Designer

Although I saw Jane in several movies before, I "fell in love" with her by watching the Pilot to Dr. Quinn in December 1993 (the very first air date in Germany). Something made me tape it, and I'm really glad I did. I watched the tape and got hooked immediately. A few days later when they re-run the Pilot I watched it again, and I never missed an episode after that. I started collecting everything and anything on Jane then, too.

Why do I like Jane? First, she is such a natural beauty. Second, she is an excellent actress. She could play anything, even if they gave her a phone-book to read. Third, she is involved with a lot of charity work, especially for children. Fourth, she is also such a wonderful mother to her kids, and she doesn't do it just for the camera when she hugs and cuddles her children. I believe she is just this way, a kind and loving person. To the point: I love Jane and love helping in any way I can.

We also have "Jane sleuths and PR people", but they have requested to remain anonymous. We couldn't handle all of this without them! Thank you! You know who you are!