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I'd love to share with you the inspiration for this jewelry design, because my wish is to make my open heart design a universal symbol of hope and love.

The design originated with one of my paintings. Every time I painted a heart I noticed that it was always open and when there were two or more, they were connected.

When I thought about why, I saw the heart this way, I realized that to me an open heart reflected all our life experiences -- our joys, heartbreaks and inspirations.

Most importantly, it reflected my mother's advice that only when you can love yourself and keep your heart open, can you best give and receive love. That love can be fore another person, a pet, a charity, or a personal passion, like mine for dancing and the arts. These open hearts should speak to every kind of love in your life, and of course love has no boundaries, it flows unconditionally.

Life is full of challenges and it is my hope that this jewelry collection will remind you every day that if your heart is open it can never stay broken.

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Joy and Serenity,

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Jane Seymour developed the 'Open Heart' theme in 2007 after reflecting upon the heartaches and struggles of her own life. She came to realize that if your heart is open, it can never be fully broken. She also noticed that anytime she painted a heart in any of her artwork, it ended up being open, and not closed. So, she created a line of wearable jewelry to help people remember the concept behind the designs.

Now, Kay® Jewelers and Jared®, the Galleria of Jewelers, are both carrying her entire line. You can learn more about the inspiration behind this line by visiting their web sites:

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Jared®, the Galleria of Jewelry

~ The Open Heart ~

Jane's unique necklace is based on designs she developed this year through a series of watercolors titled "Open Hearts" from her "Healing Hearts" collection of original paintings. Collectors have already acquired a selection of the original watercolors at fine art shows held across the nation.

Artistically, the image is a stylized version of two open hearts forming a female figure, the initials JS, and has been recently coined "Dancing Hearts" in tribute to the work she and Tony Dovolani have done on Dancing with the Stars.

The design has become meaningful on many levels, and symbolizes the artist's idea that if one's heart is open, it will never stay broken. Additionally, the two open hearts blending together symbolize that two people can be one, while still retaining their individuality.

Ultimately, Jane would like to see the image of her open heart become the universal symbol for giving and giving back through showcasing it at the many charities she supports nationwide.

Original "open heart" watercolors are still available for acquisition, and a pendant necklace will be gifted by Jane to all new "open heart" collectors.

British Actress's Jewellery Range Launches in UK

Jane Seymour, international TV and film star, has launched a brand new jewellery range in the UK exclusively within H Samuel. Called the 'Open Heart' collection, its design has been created by Jane herself.

World-renowned for her acting career in such films as 'The Wedding Crashers' and her role  as 'Dr Quinn Medicine Woman,' Jane's most recent work as a successful painter - recognised by her status as an official artist for the Beijing Olympics - has inspired this new stylish jewellery ollection.

Jane is keen to introduce the range to her native homeland here in the UK, since she describes the 'Open Heart' concept as being influenced by her British upbringing - she recalls her mother's advice about loving yourself and being open to others, teaching her that 'being open hearted is the only way to give and receive love.'

Jane explains: 'The open heart is about hope and goodwill; acting in an "open heart" way means crossing communication, age and religious barriers, its symbol demonstrates love in any language.'
The collection includes bracelets, bangles, rings and pendants with a modern classic style, each piece features one tiny diamond as a cornerstone of the design.

Already successful across the US since its January launch, the exquisite pieces are available online at and in twenty-five selected H Samuel stores. Prices are between £30 - £300.

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