IMPORTANT NOTE: The Home Collection is in transition.  Old items are not available any longer; however new collections/products will be coming along later this year. We will let you know.

St. Catherine's Court - Fall 2003

Have you read stories of those glorious castles that were once the stronghold of the European lifestyle? Have you dreamed of visiting one or visited one and wanted to take some of ambiance back home with you? Do you want more than just pictures in a book or photo album? Jane's household designs for St. Catherine's Court are based on the manor home/castle in Bath, England that she used to own. She took her decorating prowess from the almost twenty years she spent refurbishing that 14th century castle and put it into a collection that everyone can enjoy. So, take a piece of St. Catherine's home with you!

Coral Canyon - Spring 2004

Inspired by the breaths of fresh air and the pastel shades of the sea near her home in Malibu, Jane has brought the feelings of the ocean home to you. From comforter ensembles with a light and airy tone to decorative pieces that will make your room feel like a vacation at the beach, this collection will make you wish you could be enjoying the sun and the surf right now.

Grand Hotel - Fall 2004

One of Jane's most memorable roles in film was that of Elise McKenna in the cult classic, Somewhere in Time. Filmed on location on Mackinaw Island at the Grand Hotel, this film inspired yet another collection in Jane's home designs. Step back in time to the Victorian era where women donned several gowns throughout the course of the day and gentlemen were rarely seen without their customary top hats. The designs in this collection will walk you through history and bring out the debutante in you.

Winding Way - Fall 2006

Imagine a little country cottage at the end of a stone path, low walls encircling the perimeter and beautiful yet simple gardening and landscaping decorating the home. This is what you'll experience with Jane's newest collection for the home. Winding Way was inspired by that little cottage or country manor. And you can bring a taste of that home to your room or house as well.

Wearable Art


Would you like to take a little piece of Jane with you wherever you go? Jane makes that possible with fashionable and spacious designer purses that will match any outfit. High-quality craftmanship, complete with a piece of Jane's artwork imprinted on both sides, are the earmarks of this design collection. And you can own one for yourself. But, be prepared to be stopped by many other women admiring the handbags. They are stunning and quite eye-catching.


For those who don't wish to carry a piece of Jane, but would rather wear a piece, Jane has beautiful scarves in an array of colors that will complement any blouse, top, or jacket ensemble. Patterned after her highly popular flower series, these silk scarves feature four beautiful magnolias in the center, surrounded by a coordinating center color set on a contrasting background color. With Jane's custom signature in the corner, you can dress up any outfit and look like a thousand bucks by only spending a hundred.