Quite often, we are asked some of the same questions by many different people, so we've created a FAQ section of this site. This is by no means complete, but if you have any suggestions for a question to be included here, please contact us. Perhaps this will help you find answers to some of your questions before asking.

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Where can I get information on the Jane's Household Designs Collection?
Where can I get information on the Jane's Clothing Line?
Does Jane have any more books in the works?

Where can I find out information on Jane's household designs collection, the St. Catherine's Court, Coral Canyon or Grand Hotel lines?

There is a special page devoted entirely to this collection in the MERCHANDISE section, with direct links to the main web site for the collections.

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Where can I find out information on Jane's clothing line, the Jane Seymour Signature Collection?

After a mutal agreement to dissolve the partnership with Crossing Pointe, Jane has been actively seeking another retailer for her clothing line, but nothing has happened yet. We will have the new information if a relationship is established with a new retailer.

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Does Jane have any other books in the works?

She is currently working on a book that is slated to released in December, entitled Open Hearts. It will share the inspiration behind her jewelry line and include personal stories of others who have been touched by this design as well. Jane's most recent book, Making Yourself at Home, released in April 2007. You can find ordering information on the books page. Remarkable Changes, released in April 2003 and can be ordered through all online bookstores. She and James also released 4 books in their "This One 'n' That One" children's book series along with chunky books and other merchandise. Look for ordering information in the All About Jane section under the This One 'n' That One page.

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