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Set of "Winter's Heart" (second Dr. Quinn Movie)

The British star, Jane Seymour is currently in Montreal to film a new, made for TV, adventure of Dr.Quinn. She received Isabelle Racicot on the set and gave her an interview, almost entirely in French.

Jane: It's been 22 years since I last filmed here! A big screen movie named, "Oh, Heavenly Dog", not one of my best but...(laughs) - clip

Isabelle: Finally the role that made her so popular is Dr.Quinn in the American series, Dr.Quinn Medecine Woman broadcast from 1993 to 1998.

Jane: We only did one film after because everybody was surprised that it ended and the audience, the people called CBS and said why? Why? And after CBS said OK! One more time! We had a big succes with that one and finally, they decided to do a second one.

Isabelle: The movie takes place in 1878, while Dr.Quinn is going with her family to Boston to visite her mother.

Jane: It's a story about my mother who is dying, it's a bit sad... I think I'm a lot like her because, like her, I'm a doctor's daughter. The principles of Dr.Quinn are the same as mine and also, I'm married to a man who is very American, not at all British, a bit... a real cowboy really! (laughs)

Isabelle: On the small screen, her husband is played by Joe Lando.

Jane: Je t'aime! ( I love you )

Joe: Je t'aime! ( I love you )

Jane: Merci! ( thank you )

Joe: Oh, merci!

Jane: (laughs) You just said you loved me...

Joe: Oh! Thank you! (sarcastically, then laughs)

Jane: I haven't spoken in French for a long long time. (laughs)

Isabelle: It's excellent! Where did you learn it?

Jane: In school, but I also played the role of Marie-Antoinette in Paris and I lived there for 6 months, and I've played in two languages: English and in French.

Isabelle (to Joe): how is she as a producer?

Joe: Oh! very good! One of the best producers I've worked with, actually, since I've been acting. She's the best producer I've worked with!

Jane: (laughing) That's because I haven't said anything! (turning to Isabelle) We want to come back and do more Dr.Quinn in Montreal. We've already got it planned... we could probably do without the snow next time...if that could be arranged.

They end the segment with Katie (Sara McRae) waving goodbye!