We are featuring a special tribute to this memorable event shared by fans from all over the world as well as the cast and crew of Dr. Quinn, with a very special appearance made by Jane Seymour.

A summary of the main event as well as photographs taken are included here. To view the tribute on the full weekend, visit the official Dr. Quinn web site's feature.

Dr. Quinn Cast/Fan Reunion Dinner (read the webmaster's story of the full events)

Although Reunion Week began for many on different days (some arriving the weekend before), the biggest official event was the cast/fan dinner held on Friday, April 19th, at the Calamigos Ranch in Calabasas, CA. Beginning at 6pm and running until after 11pm, it included appearances by many members of the cast and crew from Dr. Quinn. Everyone mingled together like a family reunion, and that's just what this was. There was no distinction between cast, crew or fan at this dinner. Conversations were held, friendships were renewed, new friendships were established, many photos were taken, and memories were made.

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Jane talks to other attendees
Mike and Sully - together again
What could have been

Jane was one of the first to make her appearance, and she was gracious and warm as always, posing for pictures, meeting and greeting and talking with the fans, and warmly embracing those from the cast and crew who were also in attendance.

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Mike and Sully in the 21st century - Joe Lando and Jane
Eve Brenner (Sam Lindsey), Jane, Jennifer Youngs (Ingrid)
"The one I had and the one I always wanted!" - Helene (Myra), William and Jane

The atmosphere was so welcoming, that when the call to dinner was sounded, many didn't want to stop their conversations long enough to eat. Nevertheless, dinner was served and eaten, followed by some touching, heartwarming, and even humorous speeches as a cordless microphone made its way around the room. The overture of the rich sounds of William Olvis' timeless music helped set the tone for the entire evening, and by the end of the night, it was clear that everyone had difficulty saying good-bye.

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Jane poses
Shawn Toovey (Brian) and Jane
Jane poses
Eve Brenner and Jane


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