Airdate: May 22, 1999 - CBS
Directed by James Keach

Airdate: May 12, 2001 - CBS
Directed by Jerry London

Glimpsing through the window of a train, we meet Michaela Quinn and her family again as they venture across the country to return to Boston for the graduation of their daughter from medical school. Katie wonders how long it will take to arrive, and Brian helps get her mind off the length of time by taking her to the dining car. This leaves Michaela and Sully alone in the family compartment to discuss their own plans for the upcoming trip, which includes a second honeymoon.

"Boston! Back again!"
"Are we there yet?"
"Are we *there* yet?" (504KB)

However, upon their arrival, they learn of Mrs. Quinn's failing heart and immediately rush to the hospital to be with her. Determined to not be kept down, Mrs. Quinn hosts a gala that evening in honor of her family's arrival, but they soon discover she isn't as well as she pretends to be. In addition, the elder Dr. Cook and a group of politicians present some interesting opinions on land grants, and Michaela and Sully can't help but express a little hesitancy regarding it.

"There is *nothing* wrong with me!"
"You're still as beautiful as the first day I saw you." (253KB)
"I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say."

Although Michaela and Sully do manage to have an enjoyable second honeymoon, it's interrupted by the struggles of Colleen not being accepted as the doctor she has fought to become. Even though she has received the highest mark in her class, prejudice rules the minds of the other doctors working against her.

"Now *this* feels more like a second honeymoon!" (2.1MB)
"I never would have dreamed I could have it all." (832KB)
"I got the highest grade!"

While Colleen and Andrew fight what seems to be a losing battle against Andrew's father, among other doctors, Michaela and Sully must battle against some rather formidable opponents in the political realm.

"I've worked harder than anyone, and I deserve this honor!"
"Makin' threats? Now, you're gettin' me angry!"
"I don't want ya goin' anywhere without me." "That's no hardship."

After Elizabeth suffers a severe attack, Michaela discovers that Brian has gotten himself a job at the Boston Globe. Her joy, however, is overshadowed by the continuing concerns regarding her mother's condition, and she struggles with the realization that her mother will most likely never come home from her current hospital visit.

"Brian, I am so proud of you!"
"Please, God! Let her come home!"

Determined to find a solution for her mother, and not willing to give up without a fight, Michaela wires two doctors from France to come and perform a surgery on her mother. Meanwhile, Sully makes a point to the politicians that attacks on his family are not taken lightly, and Michaela offers reasurrance to Colleen that she will find her place to practice medicine.

"The doctors are coming on the next ship!"
"Do we understand each other?"
"Colleen, you will rise above this trial."

In her final moments, Elizabeth decides that the best thing she can do is to make certain she helps her family achieve their dreams. When Michaela comes to announce that the doctors from France have arrived, she realizes her mother has peacefully passed away in her sleep. Although struggling, she gives a very touching eulogy at her mother's funeral mass.

"I can't do this any longer."
"At peace." (2.2MB)
" word to describe Elizabeth Quinn...strong."

After learning that Elizabeth has made a donation to establish the Cooper-Cook-Clinic for the Underpriveleged and liquidated her estate to go towards establishing the first hospital in Colorado Springs, Michaela goes through her mother's belongings, trying to come to grips with the reality that her mother is gone. Receiving reassurance from Sully that there *is* a forever, she makes peace with her mother's death and embarks on the journey home, where she will begin a new chapter in her life.

"...the first hospital in Colorado Springs."
"Sully? Promise me there's a forever."
"Going home!"