Rather than go into detail here on FOJ, we've decided to highlight one aspect of the cast & crew and provide links for the rest.

For a complete listing of the cast and crew involved with Dr. Quinn, visit the official web site and go to the Library. There, you'll find a listing of producers, directors, writers, crew, cast and guest stars. Most of these pages have pictures as well where available.

Name Episodes (Seasons)
Edward Albert Where the Heart Is (2)
Johnny Cash Law of the Land (1)
Saving Souls (2)
Thanksgiving (3)
The Most Fatal Disease (5)
June Carter Cash Saving Souls (2)
Thanksgiving (3)
The Most Fatal Disease (5)
Maxwell Caulfield Return Engagement (2)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt The Secret (1)
James Keach Hostage (5)
Stacy Keach, Sr. Malpractice (5)
Right or Wrong (5)
The Dam (5)
Anne Lockhart Where the Heart Is (2)
Barbara Mandrell All that Glitters (5)
Willie Nelson Legend (5)
Vengeance (6)
Fred Rogers Deal with the Devil (4)
Kenny Rogers Portraits (1)
John Schneider Cowboy's Lullaby (1)
Between Friends/House Divided (5)
Reason to Believe (6)
All That Matters (6)
David Ogden Stiers Farewell Appearance (5)
Travis Tritt Tin Star (5)
Ray Walston Remember Me (5)
Jane Wyman The Visitor (1)
Trisha Yearwood The First Christmas (3)

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