April 20th is "Jane Seymour Day" in Hollywood. Taking center stage will be a tribute to Jane's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

STAR WEEK TRIBUTE (read the webmaster's story experience)

Making of a Star

(photos courtesy of Jeanne S.)

Dr. Quinn Barbeque

Although Star Week began for many on Saturday, the first official event was the barbeque on Sunday at the P-Ranch, the set of the long-running TV series for which Jane is most known -- Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Running from noon until 5pm, it included appearances by many members of the cast and crew from Dr. Quinn. Many of the cast/crew mingled with the fans and other friends, and there were tables in the back for autographs and pictures. Jane was the lady of the day, here! She stayed for almost four hours straight, before James finally pulled her away to take a break and get something to eat. Other events included a buffet-style sampling of food, a raffle, speech made by Beth Sullivan, and cakes special-ordered for Beth, Orson and Alley's anniversary, and David and Greer Beecroft's anniversary.

Jane arriving with twins

Jane & James

Jane's family

Orson, Alley, Beth

Video Night

Although this event was planned to include the viewing of a Dr. Quinn episode or one of Jane's movies, renting a video screening room was not possible. So, this event would more aptly be called "Behind-the-Scenes" with stories from crew members from Dr. Quinn, including a question-and-answer period by the fans. It took place Sunday night, after the barbeque, and the stories told and the information shared was quite intriguing! Among some things told were instances of bloopers on the set and the humorous antics of the cast/crew.

Jane Breakfast

Rising at the crack of dawn was the only option for this event, which began at 7:30am! Upon their arrival, the first remark Jane's sister made was, "Wow, you all clean up very nice!" This was in reference to the fact the she saw most of us in shorts and t-shirts at the barbeque, but at the breakfast, many chose to don more stylish apparel. After a speech was made by Jane from her center table, and tables were selected to go through the buffet line, Jane was again the lady of the day! She decided she didn't like sitting up at her table away from those gathered, so she circled through each and every one of the tables and spoke to everyone, taking the time to converse and share special moments with as many as time allowed. If that wasn't enough, a traveling youth choir requested permission to perform for Jane, and they entertained us with three wonderful numbers! Certainly a very memorable event for all.

Jane's Speech

Traveling Choir

Meike - Jane's mom

The remainder of Monday was spent with many recording a special message for Jane on video, some visits to the Malibu Creek State Park (where filming for Dr. Quinn was done on more than one occasion), spending time at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and sharing scrapbooks or swapping stories with other friends and fans.

Star Ceremony

Tuesday, another early morning, and another full day. This was a public event, so being an early riser certainly had its privileges! People gathered as early as 8am, even though the ceremony wasn't set to begin until 11:30am. Once the ceremony actually began, the Mayor of Hollywood spoke and highlighted a lot of Jane's career as an actress as well as her work with charities over the years. The President of the Walk of Fame Association spoke next, followed by Jane's husband, James Keach. Following him was Joe Lando who starred opposite her as Sully in Dr. Quinn. Finally, Jane stepped up to the podium, sweating palms and butterflies flutterining in her stomach (with a "heavy appendage on her right" named Johnny), and spoke of her supreme gratitude and awe at receiving such an honor. She spoke of her memories seeing the other "stars" on the boulevard and never dreaming she would have her own one day.

Once she finished, she stepped down to join the Mayor of Hollywood and President of the Walk of Fame Association as all three of them lifted the covering from Jane's Star and revealed it for the first time! Immediately following, pictures and videos were taken from the press and fans of Jane with the Mayor and president, Jane by herself, Jane with her family, Jane with Joe, Jane with Pam Hughes (who organized the entire week), and finally Jane and James with a special friend in a wheelchair. Next, comes the Reception!

Jane with four children

Jane with her Star

Jane and family

Jane and James

Jane and Joe Lando

Star Reception

The doors officially opened at 2:00pm with the ceremony beginning at 2:30pm. Once everyone was seated, the speeches began, featuring tributes from Frank Collison (Horace from DQ), Bill Shepherd (founder of INSITE - International Network of Somewhere In Time Enthusiasts), Mary Ann Marino (special fan), Jeff Johnson (special fan) and finally Jane, herself, thanking everyone for their attendance and devotion. One of the most humorous moments was when Jane was presented with a bottle of cleaning solution and told that money raised for her Star included the first year of cleaning free, but after that, she had to come and clean the star herself! After the speeches, Korbel donated bottles of champagne (designed by Jane) for everyone to use to toast Jane in a special tribute once the speeches were done, and one lucky person at each table had the opportunity to go home with their very own bottle. Afterwards, the atmosphere relaxed and everyone mingled, for the most part as they all filed out to get ready for the next and final event - Planet Hollywood.

Jane w/ Katie & Sean

Jane w/cleaner

Jane w/triplets

Jane w/Bill Shepherd

Planet Hollywood

Star Week is finally coming to a close, but not without going out in style! The party kicked off in a private upstairs room with a special speech and presentation by Jane, who donated one of her favorite costumes from Dr. Quinn (blue dress with white apron) to Planet Hollywood. Afterwards, dinner was served and a special showing of Somewhere in Time appeared on the big screen. In the middle of SIT, a beautiful montage video created by Jodie Thomas using clips from Dr. Quinn was shown. The best part about watching this video was watching Jane watch it! Not only did she get embarassed at some of the scenes with Dr. Mike and Sully, she spent a good portion of the viewing with her eyes riveted to the screen (both for SIT and the montage). Once the montage was over, Jane halfway stood and gave everyone in the room a thumbs up signal, amidst clapping and cheering from those gathered. As this event had no press, Jane was completely relaxed and shared the final moments of Star Week with her fans, helping to make the ending a very memorable event!

Unveiling costume

Jane and costume

Holding the Moon

Watching SIT/montage

Now, although it's two years after Star Week, the memories will forever live in our hearts, and on this special two-year anniversary, we salute Jane Seymour for her many accomplishments and wish her continued success in the years to come!


"There's not much to say except I think every thing Jane does is great. She deserves all and any awards she gets. She's a great actress, writer, painter and of course her most important job, mother, though I have never met her, but would love to of course. She just comes across as wonderful and loving person. So I say good luck Jane in everything you do." - Wendy S.

"The pinnacle of my DQ experience was the Star for "Lady Jane." We spent three wonderful days with Jane, and she came to all the events. I remember at the Barbeque there was a line all the way out of the back of the pavilion of fans waiting for an autograph from Jane. She wouldn't move until she signed an autograph for everyone in that line, and she spent at least 5 hours doing so. We want to thank you Jane for your graciousness in taking the time for the fans. I want thank you for the many times you smiled at me in the crowd. I want you to know that it didn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. I want to thank you for the many characters that have become a part of my life because you made them so real to me. Their experiences became mine and many times guided me through some difficult life learning valleys. I most of all want to thank you for giving me a wonderful heroine in Dr. Mike. She will always be very dear to my heart. As Sully once said about Dr. Mike, "You can't hold a candle to her." I give the same accolade to "LADY JANE." You can't touch her. That's my "LADY JANE." You Go Girl!! Always "A Lady Jane Fan" - Pat B.

"How can I begin to describe all the magic that was Star Week? Spending three glorious days with Jane and Company ranks right up there as one of the highlights of my life! Thank you, Jane, for giving yourself so graciously throughout the entire week, even when I know there were times when it all seemed overwhelming. The roles you've chosen, both on and off the screen, have been touching, inspirational and heartfelt, and I hope this Star will in some small way help repay our debt of gratitude for what we feel is an outstanding body of work. Thank you for all the wonderful moments, and we look forward to many more years of welcoming you into our homes, and into our hearts!" - Lynn A. (INSITE Star Week Photo Tribute)

"Giving Jane her star was a very special time for myself and my husband, Paul. I must say that even when I was a teenager I was never what you would call "star struck." I have lived in Ohio all my life. I guess I just thought that for me to meet a Hollywood star was an impossible dream. So in a way, going to Hollywood was a dream come true. I didn't really become a fan of Jane's until she appeared on Dr. Quinn. I came to love the character of Michaela so much, I decided to make it my goal to see all of Jane's other movies. I couldn't believe what I had been missing all these years. Some of my favorite movies are Scarlet Pimpernel, Somewhere in Time, War and Remembrance, East of Eden, just to name a few. It wasn't long before I had Paul caught up in my passion. For us, giving to the star was a way to pay Jane back, or maybe I should say to tell her thank you for all the wonderful movies she made and that we enjoyed. It made us feel good to be able to give her a little something in return. To Jane, we would like to congratulate you on all of your achievements. We look forward to many more years of being entertained by you on the screen." -- Penny L.

"How can you describe what it was like watching your favorite actress watch your favorite movie "Somewhere In Time" and your favorite TV series "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman." The answer: INCREDIBLE!" -- Dolores V.

Robin S.

Lynn A.

Jeanne S.


Dolores V.