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September 2004

I had the pleasure of being at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan on September 14, 2004. Jane was there doing photos for her new bedding line that should be out between October and January 2005. They had beds all over the hotel, on the porch and even in the gardens. It was exciting to see all the activity going on there. Jane also did a lecture on her new bedding line which will include a Somewhere in Time Comforter set. The hotel is going to have a Jane Seymour suite in her honor to complement the the Somewhere in Time Suite.

Loving the movie Somewhere in Time and getting to meet Jane was so special. I got my picture taken with her by The Grand Hotel Elevator used in Somewhere in Time. Her publicist is also in the picture. The lady who took the picture was the costume designer for Dr. Quinn.

Jane is a very sweet person. I took a few other pictures while they were shooting and met her husband James Keach, who is also a down-to-earth person. His picture was taken on the Grand Hotel porch.

It was wonderful getting to meet Jane, her husband and just seeing them at dinner, in the lounges and even out riding horses on the island.

~Joanne S.

October 2004

I wanted to take the opportunity for gracing us with your beauty, grace and class at the Butler Institute of Art in Youngstown at your exhibit. It was a wonderful evening made possible by your prescence. It meant so much to me to meet you and have my picture taken with you and to have you autograph the poster of your art work. As soon as I have it framed, it will share a special place in my home and I'll think back fondly to that evening every time I look at it. Thank for you being a terrific person. You may not remember, but I had purchased the poster in the gift shop and you were getting ready to leave and I thought that I wouldn't get a picture with you or an autograph on the poster, but you saw me waiting and instead of walking off like a lot of stars, you stayed to autograph my poster and even pose for a picture. I hope you know what the little things you do mean to other people. Thank you for being so gracious. You truly are beautiful, inside and out. I will never forget it.

~Rick P.

October 2004

I had the honor of attending The Butler Institute of American Art's 85th Anniversary Gala in Youngstown, Ohio on Saturday, October 2. Jane Seymour was the special guest, and she has had many of her wonderful paintings on exhibit there for the last month. Jane is a serious painter, and has had shows across the country before, but this was her most extensive showing. They are done in the "Impressionist" fashion of Monet, with very vivid colors and beautiful landscapes. She also does portraits.

I got to meet her and talk awhile. She is very beautiful, and was so excited to be in the museum. She accommodated everyone's hopes for photos and autographs. Her husband, James Keach, was also in attendance. He loves The Butler, and the museum's director joked in his speech that he hoped James would film part of a movie there one day! It was a great event, and raised many funds that help to keep the museum free for the public.

One funny anecdote: After I talked with Jane, who walked towards me all by herself as I was looking at her work (!)she turned to talk with some others. 2 waiters nearby had trays of h'ors d'ouevers. The gal serving offered some to Jane, who ate one. The guy came by, and must not have realized he was so close to Jane (maybe he hadn't seen her yet), and he must have gotten shook up. He turned abruptly, and smacked into the gal's tray. All of the food went flying! Jane quickly stooped down to help pick up the food, and said "Oh don't worry! That happens at my house all the time!" She alleviated the situation and everyone had a laugh. She is very down to earth.


October 2004

Spending the day in La Jolla is wonderful. Beautiful beaches, lots to do and add Jane's art show, what could be better! Jane had been in San Diego all weekend with four different events. We chose to attend her Continental Brunch at the Simic Galleries on Sunday morning. The gallery is located near the famous La Jolla Cove and is a wonderful place to showcase your work. As my wife and I arrived we noticed a banner announcing Jane's show as well as one of her paintings on display outside. We could see people gathering inside waiting for Jane's arrival. They were enjoying the excellent continental brunch and admiring her paintings.

Jane soon arrived dressed in a soft rose-colored dress and looking beautiful. The crowd surrounded her, greeting her, shaking hands and exchanging hungs. Conversations about her artwork and her new pieces filled the air. She welcomed everyone to her show and asked them to enjoy looking at her work. I spoke with the Director of the Simic gallery and he told me they had over 200 people at the Saturday evening Champagne Reception and had been there quite late. "People really enjoy her work, she is so talented and wonderful lady to work with. We always enjoy bring her to San Diego".

My wife and I greeted Jane and she was pleased to see us. We talked about how busy she is and all the new artwork she had on display. She said, "Let me show you the new pieces," and took us on a tour of her work. She pointed out favorite pieces, new florals, pictures of Chris and Johnny (who were too busy to make the trip) new watercolors and posed for pictures in front of each. She told us of new pieces she is working on and ideas she has for future projects including the Dr. Quinn piece. She is so creative and amazingly talented.

Our conversation turned to acting and she excitedly told us about her new role on the show, Smallville. "I play the mother of Jason Teague and have signed for five appearances. I am real mean and I can play mean (remember East of Eden?). She gave us that little smile and a wink. "Do you watch it? My older kids love the show and said Mom you've got to play this one!" I reassured her it is one of our favorite shows and we never miss it. I am looking forward to it . We also spoke of her working with John Schiender again. "It will be good to see him." Then on to her new movie role. "The testing of "Wedding Crashers" was so high, they will hold it for the big summer release in 2005. James has finished the "Johnny Cash" movie and it has turned out well. He has already signed to produce another project, so we are really busy."

Paintings were selling and Jane took time to greet everyone and talk with them. She told stories about each painting, where and what inspired her to paint it. She asked each buyer, "Where do you plan to hang the work" and "Why do you like this one?" Jane personalized each painting as they were purchased. Local newspaper photographers were there to take pictures of Jane and talk about the success of her painting career. The crowd continued to come in. It was another large turnout. We found so many paintings that we would like to own but where do you start? Jane's work applies to everyone as she continues to expand into different styles and sugjects. Truly talented.

We said our goodbyes, Jane thanked us for coming and we wished her a safe trip to Canada to film "Smallville." We had a wonderful time spending the day with Jane.

~Jeff J.

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