August 2004

My name is Tami and I live in Chattanooga, TN. With Jane so close -- Nashville is only a 2-1/2 hour drive, I took the day and drove up. WOW! So glad I did. Jane looked wonderful as usual! Beautiful red dress and just looked great!

There was a huge crowd. She spoke for 20 minutes, showing all the beautiful collection. Almost everything available to purchase was already signed and 25% off. During this time, she showed a bookmarker (with place for a photo) that can be used to hang over a lamp. She said it's very reasonable -- only about $8. Her mother's 90th birthday party is in two months, and she's putting those at everyone's place at the tables.

She has such pretty dolls in the collection also. Jane mentioned that being an artiist she personally had the 4 really cool dolls looking just like her even to the one green eye and one brown eye.

Jane answered questions after her talk. Her first question was about her twins. She said she can do movies, paintings, retail collections, whatever. The first question she always hears is how are the twins! They're great, not babies anymore she said, and this one's a quarterback and that one's a receiver.

Someone asked about a Dr. Quinn movie or followup. She said she asks CBS every time she sees them. So, now when she approaches any of them, they say, No, not Dr. Quinn again. Someone also asked about her in a different tv series. She said since they're such a time committment (5 yrs minimum) she would have to love the project. She did say she's looked at several recently though! And hubby James is making a Johnny & June Cash movie -- okayed,
including actors to portray them, by Cash's before they passed.

She probably said more, but that's some of the highlights of the talking part.

Then she went into store and there was HUGE line. When I saw Jane in Chattanooga last year, they had pictures at the table so if you didn't buy anything you got a picture and autograph. This year they were smart and you only got in line if you had a Jane item. All were already signed so when you got there she personalized the item.

Along the way, Jane signed the shoulder of a dress for a little girl. That was sweet. I think I have a good picture. And Jane left the table to hug a woman in a wheel chair who'd bought 2 of each of the 4 Jane dolls, plus tons of other stuff. Nice lady!

I was toward the end of the line and at first they said I might not get to see Jane with her group having to leave at exactly 3 pm to catch a flight, however Jane stayed til everyone in line had every item signed (most had many items).

It sort of takes you by suprise. You're in line and other people are standing there and then your there. I, of course, adore Jane and got the 2 items signed. I wish I'd bought more. They were so reasonable and make wonderful gifts being personally autographed and personalized and
all. I also have relatives with autism and have gotten involved in getting the word out about Autism going epidemic (from 1 in 40,000 when I was a kid to 1 in 166 today; CDC Jan 2004 numbers). So when I got there, I asked if I could give her an Autism Flier, that it was epidemic. She said she'd heard that and had friends who had children with autism. She thanked me and said she'd hand the information along to those friends. (I of course was totally thrilled!)

After about 10 more people, Jane was finished and left the table. All the Parisian Sales staff came up at that time and talked and had a few items signed. Jane even signed the inside of the coat jacket of one of the Parisian Sales guys!

Then they whisked her off, and up the escalator. A limo awaited outside.Hope Jane visits the south east again soon! That was great!

Light and Love, Tami

August 2004

I had the great pleasure of seeing Jane when she came to nearby Nashville, Tennessee, on her Parisian's Housewares Tour. There was a packed house for the presentation including several who stood above on the second floor balcony to watch. Jane looked absolutely stunning in a beautiful red dress. She spoke for about twenty minutes about the new additions to her line, and mentioned that new things would be added each quarter.

Jane answered questions for several minutes after her presentation. There were many about Dr. Quinn. She said that amazingly her sons had never watched Dr. Quinn ever until just recently. She said they absolutely devoured the first season on DVD, and when she asked them what their favorite part of the show was their reply was..."The little kid, Brian." Then, "Oh! And you too, Mom."

She also said that it doesn't matter where she goes she gets asked how the twins are doing, and that if they were babies eating baby food. She always makes sure that everyone knows they are both big boys now. Both playing football - one is a quarterback and the other a receiver, and entering the third grade this Fall.

She was asked several more questions including who were her favorite actors that she has gotten to work with. To which she replied... Christopher Reeves of course, Joe Lando, and Owen Wilson from her latest movie due out next summer, "The Wedding Crashers".

After the question and answer session she signed autographs and posed for photos for those who bought merchandise. Although she was on a very tight sechedule she stayed until every last person there in line (which was very substantial) had a chance to get an autograph and picture, including the Parisian staff.

I truly enjoyed the event. Jane Seymour is an amazing woman who cares about her fans and is an all around class act.

Jennifer - TN

July 2004

I had a great time at the Jane's art show in La Jolla on Sunday. My day started early with Jane on the morning news, talking about the art show and how she had been at the art festival on Saturday, spending time painting with children at the children's exhibit. Her twins also participated that day. I watched the clip while getting dressed then left early because I had to get back for work that night.

When I arrived in La Jolla at the gallery, I saw a banner hanging outside with Jane's picture announcing the show. As I approached, the twins came running outside and up a stairway that led to a level above the gallery. I went over and greeted them. Their cousin was watching them and helping while Jane handled the show inside. He was very friendly, so we talked for a while and they boys came over to talk for a bit too. I told them about their mom's web site and they posed for a few great shots.

When I ventured inside, I went in search of the ladies who run the gallery. I had met them at the Rancho San Diego show last fall and they remembered me from there. So we talked and I mentioned the website. They were excited someone was there for FOJ, so they took me over to Jane, who looked beautiful as always. She greeted me and we talked, then she agreed to pose for some pictures and let me take candid pictures as well. I had friendly conversations with others who were fans and thold them about the website. Hopefully, they'll come here and visit. They don't know what they're missing.

The people at the gallery were wonderful. The wine and cheese was great. Jane had a large turnout and was selling paintings like crazy! She was posing and signing constantly. I overheard the owner of the gallery telling friends that "she is going to be big! You need to invest in her work as it will definitely go up in value. She is very talented and has a bright future in the art world." I really liked the SIT painting (finally got to see it) and a few of the others. I loved watching her walk the room and have conversations with people. They are amazed by her, a movie star, but also by her work as an artist.

My two hours there were memorable, but it was back to reality and off to work. Take a look at the pictures in All About Jane--Artist.


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April 2004

Meeting Lady Jane

My dream finally came true of meeting the wonderful and talented Jane Seymour.

My name is Jennifer and I learned through FOJ that Jane was on a promotional tour for her new line of House wares for Parisian. When I saw that she was coming as close to Tennessee as Alabama I knew I had to go, so my husband Scott, my son Stephen, and I all went along with my friend Gael who lives in AL.

Jane was beautiful and charming as always. She truly is just as beautiful in person as she is on television. She wore a gorgeous aqua dress and looked absolutely radiant. My son who is four and a half just loves Jane. As soon as she came onto the stage, he leaned over to me and said "Mama it's Dr. Quinn!" He told me he was going to tell her he was going to marry her on the way there.

She spoke on the various aspects and inspirations for the collections for about fifteen to twenty minutes, then took a few questions from the audience. Afterwards she signed autographs and took photos with the fans.

The atmosphere was rushed but Jane was very personable, and sweet. Smiling, talking, and even asking questions herself of what we thought of the collection.

My son lost his nerve when he actually got to her and didn't ask her to marry him, but he did give her the dozen roses that he brought for her. She loved them and when I told her that he had said he wanted to marry her, she said Awww how sweet. She signed his "That One" stuffed kitty for him, and several things for me. I so wanted a photograph of him with her but he just couldn’t stand still long enough.

I was able to get a photo taken with her myself and she put her arm around me. It was a wonderful experience and truly an honor to meet her. She is an amazing woman. Jane was all that I thought she would be and much much more. There is only one English Rose. Thank you Jane your the best!

Jennifer J.

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My sister, Ellen, and my daughters, Myka, Tabitha, Tami and I met Jane Seymour and James Keach at Jane's promo tour in Huntsville, Alabama in October 2003. Jane was promoting her housewares collection from Saks, St. Catherine's Court at Huntsville's Parisian store.

We were very impressed by both Jane and James. They were very pleasant and patient. Jane took time to autograph our merchandise as well as our personal DVD of Somewhere In Time. Both Jane and James autographed Jane's book "Remarkable Changes". The book is special to me in many ways, but mostly because it has encouraged my faith and inspired me with its message of love, endurance, forgiveness, and hope.

We are grateful to James and Jane for taking time to listen to us and to answer our questions, etc. James and Jane were hospitable in every way, and we highly respect them for their kindness and humility. They have made a memory for us; one which we shall never forget.

Vicki J.

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March 2004 -- Thanks to "The Official Jane Seymour Website" I learned of Jane's art showings in Florida in February at the Galerie Du Soleil in Tampa. When I read the information I immediately called the Gallery to be included on the invitation list. We just started wintering in Florida and have friends in Tampa, so we were able to combine a visit.

Seeing Jane arrive at the gallery I became star struck. Jane is more beautiful in person—if you can believe it. She is also taller than I had thought and thinner. She is extremely gracious and so friendly. The way she treated me people thought we were old friends.

I purchased Jane's print called "Tree In Winter". It not only is a wonderful peaceful setting but fits in with our decor perfectly. I knew my husband would love it also. He did! I will treasure these pictures forever.

In one picture below, I am sitting on Jane's right and my friend in Tampa is Kathy who is standing in the picture. She also is a Jane fan and DQMW fan. While Jane signed the back of the print she talked to me and also drew a little flower on it and looked at me as she said "here's a little something extra for you". I almost fainted.

When I received the pictures I e-mailed them to my family who are all Jane fans and my sons just kept saying, "I can't believe my mother not only met Jane Seymour but sat right next to her." There were so excited and happy for me having this opportunity. It was a wonderful experience to meet Jane—she truly lives up to the title "Lady Jane".

Thank you for letting me share my story.


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February 2004 -- I am writing on behalf of my two friends, Scott and Nancy Robel, who are such big fans of Jane Seymour that they have named their bed and breakfast "Somewhere Inn Time" and named their daughter "McKenna." Here is an excerpt from a recent article in Making Bread Magazine.

MB: Where did you get the idea for the name?

Nancy: We both loved the movie of the same name, "Somewhere in Time," starring Jane Seymour. We thought it had a romantic feel. In fact, we named our oldest daughter, McKenna, after Seymour's character in the movie. We even have a picture of Jane framed above our reception desk. I guess you could say the name is pretty special to us. The best part is that it truly fits the property, which dates back to the 1890s. The building has a lot of history. One of its owners was Sally Lake, a member of the founding family of Ocean City.

Their website, where you can find the article, is


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November 2003 -- On October 18th I had the awesome experience of meeting Jane Seymour AND James Keach. She was 30 minutes from my home at a Parisian store promoting her new St. Catherine's Court line. I had been planning on attending for about 2 months and surprisingly I wasn't that excited, at first.

Well I got there about 15 minutes before 10am (the time I was told it started) but all the doors into Parisians were locked, but the doors into the mall were open so I went in there and sat and waited for Parisian to open. Well as soon as it did I went up to the home store department and found there were already a bunch of people seated. A man was standing there telling everyone there were some seats left and then I told him I had reserved some seats and he told me you had to be there at 5 till to claim them. Well obviously they had a door open but just not the ones I had tried. Oh well at least there were some seats left, in the back, but I could still see fairly well. After a few minutes wait Jane was finally introduced and then she talked for 20 minutes about her St. Catherine's Court line then took some questions. There were some good questions asked but nothing that I didn't already know. Surprisingly no one asked about a 3rd Dr. Quinn movie.

Once Jane was finished she went to the children's department near her This One and That One line to sign autographs with purchases of $50 or more. Well I was sitting near James Keach so I headed to talk to him as soon as she was finished. He was very friendly and said he hoped I got to meet Jane. But I said I didn't know if I would since I didn't have a purchase for her to sign. And he said he'd make sure I got to meet her, then said something to one of the employees that was in charge of this event and the man told us (my best friend was with me) to wait there in the home department.

After waiting almost an hour, Jane still wasn't done with the autographs so I spoke with a lady that was in charge and she told us to wait there and she would come get us when Jane was finished. Well we ended up waiting another half an hour then I looked and saw that they were all through with the autographs and the employee that I had first talked to was coming back towards my direction. I told him what James had said and he remembered and told us to wait a second while he went back and made sure it was okay. Jane and James were in a small room in the back of the store. Well the man came back and told my friend and I to come on back and that we were going to get some "one on one time" with Jane Seymour! I almost screamed but my friend restrained me. I could tell she was excited too. (She isn't a Jane fan or even a DQ fan, she was just there with me for "support")

The man showed us back to the room and James was sitting behind a desk and Jane was standing and when we came in she walked up to me and I introduced myself and my friend. I said a few things about how big a fan I am and mentioned that I have a DQ website and she said she'd like to see it and asked for the web address so I gave it to her. The she asked if I had seen the portrait she had done of Dr. Quinn (I think that is what she asked.) I said no so she asked for my address and said she'd send it to me. I just hope she can read my handwriting because my hands were really shaking! James said that he had told Jane about me and they looked for us in the line and I told him the guy had just told us to wait in the home department. Jane gave my friend and me each a photograph and she signed them.

I don't remember if it was Jane or James, but one of them asked me if I had ever visited Friends of Jane. I started to laugh and the lady that was in the room said "I bet she lives there!" I laughed and said yes I go there a lot. We talked a little more then I asked if I could get a picture, Jane said sure. Then James suggested we get one with my friend to so we did and then someone suggested we get one with James. The lady taking the pictures was having trouble with my camera so we were all trying to tell her how to use it and when she took the picture of Jane, James and I, James was talking so he told her to take another. This time when she took it he was pointing at the camera, so he told her to take another! Then he said something about being a director and we made sure this time we were all ready. They told me they had to leave because they had to be in Birmingham in a few hours and I thanked them followed them out into the store.

I couldn't wipe the smile off my face for a good while after that! I couldn't believe I actually got to privately (I guess you could say that) meet with Jane and James! They were both so nice, James especially. He asked me questions and really paid attention when I would answer. And they weren't trying to hurry me out or anything, James actually was the one wanting to take more pictures! It was great day and I will remember it always.


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October, 2003 -- ....suddenly I couldn't breathe. Jane Seymour was holding my book. It was a great honor for me to be able to attend one of my most admired actress/author's book signings. Jane Seymour is a gracious Lady. Her new book "Remarkable Changes" will inspire you. I was overwhelmed to just be able to meet her, much less to be able to give her an autographed copy of my novel, "He called her Mister." It was very much an honor. Thank you, Jane. You made my day!


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September, 2003 -- In October of 2002 I was honored to meet Jane when she appeared at the annual "Somewhere In Time" weekend at Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, MI. My husband and I were staying in the "Somewhere In Time" suite and Jane stopped by to see the room. Luckily I was there at the time. My husband wrote the following story of the encounter for INSITE, the official publication for the International Network of Somewhere In Time Enthusiasts. Although the ladies accompanying Jane took pictures, I don't have any to include.

A Time to Remember
By Richard Guibilo

I am looking out the window through a seemingly endless cascade of snowflakes as they cover all traces of the season just past. Everything looks new, like a blank sheet of paper ready for scribing with the markers of a new year. There is much to which I look forward; my mother turns 80 this year, Donna and I have several small trips planned, changes at work, progress with our home renovations and, finally, the surprises - everything we never planned for. However, before I can make a mark on this fresh page, I need to make good on my promise to record the "Somewhere in Time" weekend at Grand Hotel from my perspective.

It sounded like a fun project when Jo Addie assigned it to me. We met Thursday afternoon on the ferry from Machinac City. There was definitely a new level of excitement in the air and the conversation between Jo and Donna was charged. I could recognize little bits of "Jane Seymour" fly into the sea spray from this simultaneous two-way conversation in which each spoke and each listened. I was drawn into the dialogue for only an instant when Jo said: "You have to write an article about this for INSITE."

I agreed, of course, and from that moment I was in my own world. The rest of their conversation faded into the background. I had an assignment. Should I take notes? Will this ruin my weekend? What would I write? Yes, Jayne Seymour is scheduled to attend but, except for observing and reporting, what could possibly happen that might be worth writing about?


From the moment we arrived, everything seemed special. Donna was thrilled we had been assigned the "Somewhere in Time" suite for our stay. It was beautifully furnished and framed production photos from the movie hung on every wall. (Hey, that’s something to write about…things were looking up) Her parents and grandmother were due to arrive the next day and Donna looked forward to sharing this special weekend with them. We shopped, renewed acquaintances, took High Tea in the Parlor, dined and danced the evening away. The fabric of conversation around the hotel was Jane Seymour. Her arrival was scheduled for Saturday morning and there was endless speculation as to how much she would actually participate in the weekend activities.

When the big day arrived, a crowd began to gather in the Parlor after breakfast. The Mussers had sent their best carriage to carry Ms. Seymour and her party from the airport to the hotel. A team of beautiful black horses led what seemed like a royal coach up the path to the red-carpeted steps. The anticipation of the crowd grew and, for an instant I feared they might frighten Jane into never returning. She was the picture of grace as she made her way up the steps and to the entrance of the hotel. As the doors opened, she stepped into the Parlor to be greeted with a triumph of applause and cheers from an enthusiastic and well-mannered gathering of fans.

When the commotion subsided to a point at which she could be heard, she addressed the group of several hundred expressing surprise to such a warm and heartfelt welcome. I don’t remember her exact words except that they were genuine, her smile radiant and her manner purely elegant.

This initial ceremony having been concluded, everyone’s attention returned to the remainder of the day’s events. There was still the sale of "Somewhere in Time" memorabilia, Chances to be purchased for several significant items: an original script belonging to Sean Hayden and a Limited Edition Pocket Watch to name a few, location tours, a panel discussion with the cast, the trivia contest, shopping etc as well as the evening’s festivities. (Fun stuff sure, but so far, not much to write about)

One Saturday tradition however, is the 'competition' to be one of the first 50 to reserve for next years "Somewhere in Time" weekend thereby being guaranteed a lake view room. In a seemingly capricious manner, the hotel staff slips the pre-registration form under the door of each guest's room sometime on Saturday afternoon. One of us usually waits in the room and, once the paper arrives, makes a mad dash to the front desk to secure a place in line. Donna volunteered to wait while I relaxed in the Parlor. Several hours had passed when I noticed a woman scurrying with a paper in her hand. I went to a phone to call our room but there was no answer. As I descended the steps to the lobby I caught a glimpse of Donna in the line with the form. She began to tremble as I approached and I could see tears in her eyes. My mood went from joy to fear in an instant as I begged her to tell me what happened.

Her whole body quivered and her words stuttered as she kept saying: "She was here. Richard, she was here. She was in our room." I tried to calm her. "Jane Seymour was in our room. I saw her." More tears. "Richard, she talked to me." Relieved that this was probably a good thing, I held her until she could tell me what had actually happened....

I was in the room laying out my clothes for the night while I waited for the paper. I heard talking outside the door about 'what a nice picture that is of me' and 'Is this the room where the scenes were shot?' so I opened the door. Richard, Jane Seymour was standing right there in front of me.

Her voice got squeaky and she started to cry again.

She said 'Oh look, there's someone here.' Then she said, 'I'm Jane Seymour…would it be too much of an imposition if we came in quickly to see your room?' I said, 'Of course not, my name is Donna. Welcome to the Grand Hotel, Jane.' I called her Jane…I can’t believe I called her Jane. She was with her designer and her publicist. She said, 'Oh look, you have all your gowns laid out. Is this what you’re wearing this evening?' I said, 'Yes' and she said, 'It's lovely, did you make it?' I said, 'No, but I made this one a few years ago' and I showed her the black beaded dress. She loved it and I told her how you have to dress me when I wear it and she said, 'Yes, aren't they just awful to get into?' Then she showed me what she was wearing and asked me if I thought it went with the period. It was beautiful. She said, 'My designer and I came up with this for my clothing line and it will be in our new catalog.' She looked around the room and we talked for like ten minutes. She was so nice. She noticed the pictures from the movie on the wall and talked about them and various other things she remembered. Then, she had to leave to get ready herself.

We decided right then to book our room for next year. When we got up to the desk clerk to make our reservation, she was only slightly more composed.

Where's Deb? I have to tell someone. I have to go find Deb and Madeline and Elizabeth. Nobody's going to believe this.

And she was gone. The rest of the weekend revolved around re-telling her story, each time with a little more confidence and a lot more laughter until everyone she knew, and some she didn't, had heard it. As for me, well I had my story.

That evening, Jane Seymour participated in everything. She walked the 'Promenade' along with all the other participants. She watched the movie and afterward volunteered to answer questions. Her responses were candid and revealing. When asked for her most treasured moment to do with the movie she said "I suppose the first kiss with Chris…that was a KISS" (I knew it!) She recited her soliloquy from memory and spoke with Christopher Reeve on a live telephone call broadcast over the PA. She went well beyond making an appearance at a convention of fans. She did whatever she could to make everyone in attendance feel closer to her…closer to Elise. I hope she knows how much her gracious participation in our annual celebration is appreciated by all of us "Somewhere in Time" Enthusiasts. My wife, on the other hand, is expecting to see Jane Seymour in our room next year.

By Sunday morning I was sure I had heard Donna tell her story for the last time until we get home; but as we were saying our goodbyes in the Parlor, hoping to make an early ferry, I heard Jo Addie in the distance exclaim, "That was you?" and I remember thinking to myself 'sit down and relax, we'll be taking the next boat.'


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April 2003 -- On April 23, 2003, I had the chance of a lifetime to meet Jane at her book signing at downtown Chicago Borders. I arrived very early in the morning to be the first in line, which I was. I waited anxiously for 4 hours to meet her. When she walked into the room I was in shock at how beautiful she was and that she was standing a mere 4 feet away from me. Before the signing began she made a small speech about her book and then it was my turn. I was so excited to go up and talk with her. I mentioned my sister is named after her Dr. Quinn character and she remarked about how flattering that is. I got 3 pictures with her and said goodbye. It was over so quickly but the memory will last me a lifetime. I hope I get another opportunity to meet her again. She is one the most beautiful women in the world and I was lucky enough to be in her presence.


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Jane and a Healthy Balance

I had the opportunity on March 8, 2003 to attend the Women's Health Symposium, sponsored by Sharp Hospital, in San Diego. Jane was the keynote speaker after lunch. The entire day was quite uplifting and empowering, but since I had made the journey across the country to see Jane, her speech was the best part.

I believe that many of the topics on which she spoke are contained in her upcoming book, but it is much more inspiring to hear Jane deliver the message in person.

The theme of her speech was keeping a healthy balance, but her way of communicating it was very sincere and conversational. She began by emphasizing that the only thing constant is change. Her mother advised her that when you think life is difficult, go out and do something for someone else. Jane said that you must do the best you can regardless of the potential to fail. The only failure is in not trying. Find a passion in your life.

She talked about some of the traumatic experiences in her life, including nearly dying after having an adverse reaction to an antibiotic. She actually saw herself on the table as they tried to save her life. From that out-of-body experience, she vowed that she would never waste a moment of her life. It gave her the new perspective of viewing our body as a vehicle which moves according to how well we take care of it.

Jane remarked that the experience also taught her that you don’t take anything with you when you die. Not Oscars, Emmys or Golden Globes. The most important thing is what you leave behind, what you have done with your life.

She mentioned that from the traumatic and sad times in her life have come good things. As a result of giving birth to the twins at the age of 45, she was able to co-write a book to help other women who might be contemplating having a baby or babies at an older age.

Her three failed marriages also brought new perspectives. How do you regroup and dare to love again? After marriage number three, she was broke and depressed. All she had was the love of her children.

Jane conveyed that everyone has something unique that they can do. For her, it is the ability to communicate.... through her acting and parts she plays, through her books and through using her celebrity for public speaking. Perhaps others may gain or learn from her experiences. She has the advantage of celebrity status, which affords her the opportunity to draw attention to issues and charities.

She cited the American Red Cross Measles Initiative. She and James were able to take eight inner city high school students from Los Angeles with them as millions of Kenyans were vaccinated. It taught the American children to realize the importance of education and that they could make a difference. It is important to teach children that we live in a global community.

With the fears of impending war, Jane feels that something good might come from it in that it might heighten our awareness of where these places are and what these people are like. And that, in turn, will increase our sense of global community, rather than being America-centric.

She spoke of how she chooses projects as an actress. She mentioned "Heart of a Stranger," "War and Remembrance" and "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman," which she termed a "remarkable experience."

She said that we may be trained for one profession, but may be able, if we take the chance, to do many things. In particular, she talked of being empathetic to those in pain--- touching, caring, giving back and trying to help those who might benefit from the fact that we have experienced what they are going through.

Jane added that we do not like change, but it may give us new opportunities. Divorce and depression led her to paint, in a sense, a gift from her pain. She compared life to the ocean, with its rising and falling waves. We recycle, regroup and find new passions.

She emphasized the importance of living in the moment. We don’t know what will happen in the future. We can plan for it, but if you don’t live in the moment, you’re not living. Part of this is taking time for yourself.

Jane discussed how we process grief and loss. She believes that it is important to share with others and maintain a sense of humor. We must be aware of all of our options regarding health. This includes alternative or complimentary medicine. Become educated on all of the options of how we can heal.

Laughter heals, according to Jane. She detailed the story of how her father-in-law, Stacy Keach, Sr., recently passed away and how much he liked to be kissed. As he lay on his deathbed, she told him that whenever he wanted a kiss, just purse his lips. With the family gathered around, Mr. Keach pursed his lips, and Jane kissed him. Stacy Jr. joked that his father was a "lech to the end." That kiss from Jane was the final one before he took his last breath.

At the end of her presentation, Jane answered some questions. One was about how she nurtures herself, given her busy schedule. She replied that she loves to cuddle with her children. Before they go to school and at the end of the day, she loves to spend the time with them.

Another question was what inspires her. She repeated about her mother’s advice to help someone else. She also mentioned working with charities and Christopher Reeve.

The biggest reaction was to the question, "Was Sully a good kisser?" She laughed and said that he was a great kisser. Then she said that she knew first hand, from more than just the role she had played. She mused that she had committed the cardinal sin of dating her costar. Mercifully, they had gotten out of it and are now close, as are their families.

To the question, "What is your favorite role?" Jane replied, "Somewhere in Time"and "Dr. Quinn."

In conclusion, she made a point of thanking all of the individuals who had helped her with her endeavors.

Following the speech (and a Crossing Pointe fashion show), I had the good fortune of meeting Jane and presenting her with the first of my Dr. Quinn fan fiction stories. When she saw the photo of Joe on the front, she said, "It got a big laugh when I told them I knew how he kissed." I replied, "You’re only the envy of about 1800 women" (the number of those in attendance at the symposium). After posing for a photo with me, she was whisked off to other venues. But for a brief time, I was transported to the beauty of San Diego and the wisdom of Jane’s experiences.

Debby K

(author of dozens of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" fan fiction stories. To read her stories, visit her web site at:

December 2002 -- I met Jane and her husband James at the Ohio School Board Association's Capital Conference on Wed. November 13th. She was the 3rd general Session guest speaker at our conference where over 10,000 people attended. She spoke to the school board members about her life and all the charities she is involved in with Children. She did a great job. We could meet her and get her autograph etc. before she spoke. I did just that and took photos. She and her husband James were very nice.

After she spoke, a group of high school students who had come to the conference to sing for us ran into her in the hall. Even though she had to go she stopped to take photos and sign autographs. She made their day! Just as she made the day of many of us school board members who were also her fans.


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November 2002 -- I have had the privilege of meeting Jane Seymour on a few different occasions. A friend of mine had some connections, and so I was able to go out to the DQMW set to meet the cast and crew, and watch them film. The first time was in 1996. The morning that we went out there I was so excited, but also very nervous. My stomach was in knots. I couldn't believe that I was actually going to meet these people that I had been watching on tv. When we got out to the set, we walked over to where they were filming, and I was just in complete shock that I was looking at Jane Seymour, Joe Lando, and several of the other stars of the show. My friend got Jane's attention and she came over to where we were standing. I had to pick my jaw up off the ground. My mom and I were introduced to Jane, and she shook our hands and started talking to us. She agreed to take some pictures with us, then she had to go back to filming, but she said hi to us whenever she saw us.

The next time I met her was when we went back to the set. We saw her when she was on her break, and she was playing with her twin boys. We went up to her and introduced ourselves. She started talking to us, and she noticed that I had crutches and leg braces, so she asked me why I had them. I told her that I had a spinal cord defect, and needed the leg braces and crutches to help me walk. She told me that she was meeting with Christopher Reeve the next day to discuss raising money for spinal cord injuries.

The last opportunity that I had to meet Jane was back out on the DQMW set, and this time I went out there with my mom and dad. That night she came over and started talking to us and she asked me if I wanted any souvenirs or anything. Of course I said that I would like something. She had her assistant go get me a shirt. She and her husband, James Keach, both signed it, and then said goodbye to us. Then we left.

That was the last time I got to meet Jane, but all of those memories will stay with me for the rest of my life. Jane is one of the nicest and most down to earth people I have ever met. I will never forget the experiences meeting her, and how gracious she was. Thanks Jane. You are the best.

~The Durkee Family

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November 2002 -- I had been looking forward to going to Jane’s Art Show in Nashville, Tenn. since it was announced on the website in early Feb. I had not seen 'The Lady' also known as 'Lady Jane,' since I had the opportunity to go to the Star Ceremony in Hollywood on April 20, 1999. So what a thrill it was for this Jane fan to have the opportunity to see Jane again up close and personal.

I had envied all those other Jane fans who went to New York and Maryland and other places to catch a glimpse or moment with 'The Lady.' So for almost eleven months I and waited and watched. As the day came closer the location changed to Jackson, Tenn. instead of Nashville. I examined the map and it looked like it wasn’t too far from Nashville so I decided the trip was still doable. It looked like it was right outside of Nashville but is actually closer to Memphis. As the days grew closer I began to plot my trip. I first tried finding the location of the Art Gallery "Art On A Hot Tin Roof." Of course since it was new it did not exist in Yahoo 'Map Land.'

My friend and I, Phyllis left for our destination, Jackson, Tenn. a day before 'Lady Jane' the event. We didn't want to miss any of Jane's Art Show. By the way Phyllis is a native of Kenya. Yes, I knew Jane had just visited Kenya during the summer? She and Phyllis hit it off. We got to Jackson which is a little further than we actually thought it would be from Nashville. When we got to our hotel we found out that we were in the same hotel with Regis. Yes, Regis of Regis and Kelly. We thought for sure that since it was a small town and this was the best hotel in town that surely Jane would be staying there. To our surprise she was not but we heard that she was staying with friends in Nashville.

So now the day of reckoning finally arrives. Phyllis and I are sure to get to the event early. We arrive at "Art On A Hot Tin Roof." Jane was not there as of yet but they told us she would be within the next thirty minutes. When she arrived she was as usual beautiful and radiant as she always has. She is truly and will always be an extraordinary women and always 'The Lady Jane.' The title is befitting and belongs rightly to her. She was pleasant and graceful as she always is. During the time they were filming Dr. Quinn, although I visited the set many times I never had the courage to talk to Jane. Well this time I didn't have to find the courage because she talked to me. I asked her if she remembered me she said, "Of course." Wow! Do you know what it is like being remembered by Jane. She even knew my name. I guess she could not help that because I had made her and James quite aware of the fact for the last year that I would be at the art show in Tenn. James was not with her for this show. Too bad I was really hoping to chat with him. At one point Jane asked me to come and take a picture of her and this lady. "Pat can you take this picture for us."

All the local media was there. For some reason I kept getting pulled to do interviews. At which time I was hoping Jane would come help me. They were focusing on her art and why we had come. I was focusing on Jane as a total person: art, acting and all her other numerous talents. At one point Jane was asking me something however, I was not sure what it was then I figured out she was trying to tell someone where they could get a copy of her self portrait of Dr. Quinn. The correct answer was on the website where it was being sold for charity. Jane of course was doing interviews and she was telling about her art. Something she said that stuck with was that when she acted she was doing other people and expressing others actions and stories but her art was an expression of herself.

I felt sorry for the good people of Jackson Tenn. because they had never experienced the 'Jane Fan Phenomenon.' They could not understand why I and my friend stayed so long. We were just standing around (not a true fan if leave before Jane). Even at the DQ set we or should I say I never left until 'Lady Jane' was gone for the day. Well, because of my friend I gave in and left but only after she promised we would return the next day.

Well, Jane was to appear on Sunday at 1 p.m. it was really cutting close to my having to get back to Atlanta since Jackson was at least two hours further than I thought and plus they were an hour behind us. Phyllis made me promise that if we went to see her one last time that I would not linger but would leave. So on Sunday 'The Lady' made he appearance as graceful and elegant as ever. After taking pictures with her and a few of her in the gallery that day we said our goodbyes. Jane told me to make sure I scan the newspaper article for Tiffany for the website. Gee and when we first started watching DQ Jane didn’t even know what a scanner was as I recall.

YOU GO GIRL! Lady Jane: A touch of class in a class all by herself.


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October 2002 -- My story begins last fall when, thanks to the Hallmark Channel, I rediscovered the magic of Dr. Quinn. I had been an avid fan of Jane and the show during its original run, but had forgotten the joy I got out of watching it each week. Having previously lived in New York, I was in desperate need of an escape from the horrors of September 11th and watching the show each night gave me my escape.

My renewed interest in Dr. Quinn led me to the "Jane Seymour Official Web Site" website where I was introduced to Jane, the artist. Although I don't have any talent for art, it has always been a fascination of mine. When I discovered Jane's artistic talent, I was in awe. I had always admired Jane as an actress and person, but I had a newfound admiration for her as an artist. As fate would have it, I was able to purchase one of Jane's paintings in May. Often as I was looking at it, I would become lost within the scene as it transported me to another time and place. I started thinking about how nice it would be to meet Jane and find out her motivation behind my painting.

When I found out that Jane would be exhibiting her work at a gallery in Bethesda, MD, I decide that I had to take advantage of the opportunity to meet her. Everyone associated with the gallery was very helpful as I planned my trip and at last the long awaited weekend arrived.

From the moment I introduced myself to Jane, she was extraordinarily gracious. I think she could sense that I was there to meet Jane the artist and not Jane the actress. She told me that she had painted my piece while James was directing a film on the island of Malta. The image she captured was that of the Maltese fishing boats that were abundant in the harbor. When I asked her about her other paintings she answered and each time became even more enthusiastic. As I listened to Jane discuss her inspiration behind certain pieces, I had a greater understanding of who the real Jane is. How refreshing that such a world-renowned celebrity would be so genuinely interested in talking with me about her work. The more I studied her paintings, the more entranced I became. I would find myself staring at certain pieces for long periods of time and then return later to look at them again. I just couldn't get enough.

Before the end of the weekend, I had the opportunity to ask Jane what her motivation was behind the painting that I had purchased during the show. She explained that the theme behind this piece was reflection. She pointed out the different reflections and talked about how she developed her own style to create the look. Hearing her explanation of the painting will resonate within my mind each time I look at my painting allowing me to reflect on the incredible experience of the weekend when my dream of meeting Jane became a reality.


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September 2002 -- Do you believe sometimes being in the right place at the right time to meet the right person who could change your life forever? Jane Seymour was my idol. She still is. We met through a portrait of her I drew. During a Paramount Ranch visit, Jane recognized my name ... and that's how everything started.

While I hesitated to decide my college major, she is the one who reviewed my portfolio and encouraged me to follow my dream. That same afternoon, after visiting her at the P-Ranch, I held onto that courage to submit my portfolio to Art Center College of Design. It is very difficult to get into that school. I had admired it from distance for a long time. When I was notified of my acceptance, I was so happy. I cried for an hour in my room and made a T-shirt to thank Jane.

I guess now I can say: Without Jane, I might not be who I am today!

Through years in Art Center, I constantly took my school projects to the P-Ranch. Jane was always interested in my work. I loved to share it with her as well. The cast and crew supported me and treated me like part of family. I wish I can name them one by one to thank them, but that will be a long list. After graduation, they gave me am internship opportunity to work with them. That is the happiest time in my life! I always treasure those great memories.

After DQ, my life still kept going. I work with many people who like the work I do for them. My career goes up and down. When I became successful, I never forgot how Jane and my Dr. Quinn friends supported me when I was just a college student. When things didn't go well, I remembered what Jane told me about how much she loved my work. She let me believe anything is possible.

Today, there is a part of my website dedicate to Dr. Quinn to thank them for everything they have done for me. Hopefully, Jane can enjoy my art through this website. I would like to share with you my art and my story. I thought you might enjoy them as well. or


August 2002 -- Hi, my name is Michele. I have just returned from an extraordinary event where I met Jane Seymour for the first time. My husband and I attended a reception and dinner hosted by the Redbone Gallery in Islamorada, Florida, to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Since there were only approximately fifty people in attendance, this gave us the rare opportunity to spend time with her in an intimate setting, an unbelievable experience for a longtime fan such as myself!

Even before checking into the lovely Cheeca Lodge, we stopped by the reception room where Jane's art was being showcased. We were greeted by Susan Nagy Luks of Titus Fine Arts, who took time to describe in detail many of the pieces and their significance to Jane. One tour was simply not enough, and we found ourselves stopping by once again after lunch!

We arrived at the champagne reception a few minutes early and were rewarded with some time alone with Jane. What a thrill to walk into the reception room and see her sitting there! She is as beautiful as I expected, and as warm and gracious. We had a lovely conversation about raising teenagers, among other things. Knowing that she is such a great Mom, I took special note of her suggestions! Her artwork is stunning, her talent as an artist unmistakable. It was amazing to be surrounded by so many pieces of art, each one more beautiful than the next. My husband is a firefighter and was especially drawn to the painting of Johnny dressed in a fire uniform, so he and Jane had a nice chat about firefighting and the tragedy in New York. Jane had some samples from her upcoming fashion collection, two different scarves based upon her artwork. They are absolutely gorgeous, and give a glimpse of how outstanding the clothing line is going to be! She signed posters and posed for pictures with all attendees, working tirelessly to ensure that we each had personal attention.

After the reception, we enjoyed a five course meal in the Cheeca Lodge's fabulous restaurant. The evening ended with a short speech by Jane about the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Redbone Gallery's efforts to fight and cure cystic fibrosis.

I must acknowledge the founders of the Redbone Celebrity Tournament Series, Gary and Susan Ellis. Their daugher Nicole is a CF patient and the catalyst for this remarkable charity event as well as for the Redbone Gallery itself. I am so inspired by their hard work and dedication put forth into finding a cure for this disease. They are both lovely, gracious people who made us feel instantly welcome. Nicole is a beautiful young woman, what a pleasure it was to meet her! They are an incredible family and a real testament to what we can do if we put our heart and soul into something. I only hope that in the future I can aid their cause in some small way of my own.

I thought my evening good-bye was the last I would see of Jane, but was thrilled when I caught one last glimpse of her at the breakfast buffet this morning. She was headed for a flight to NY City where she would present a AAA award to Mayor Giuliani.

All in all, it was a magical experience for me, a once-in-a-lifetime event I am sure. I am left with an even deeper admiration of Ms. Seymour, so impressed with the open and friendly way in which she treats her fans. She is a very special lady, and I'm thrilled to have met her. Special thanks to Tiffany for posting the details on the website; if not for her, I would surely have missed this incredible opportunity.


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May 2002 -- I will give this a try. I am not sure exactly what to say, so I will just wing it. My name is Angie, I am 39 years old and have lived all my life in southern West Virginia.

My boyfriend Joe and I have had a retail business for 12 years, we sell about everything, we also sell on ebay, as well as buy. The Internet and Ebay have been a great resource to buy items that you may never get to see or hear about.

When the Dr. Quinn wedding dress came up for auction, I was so excited. I thought the dress was so beautiful. I love items from that period and had been looking for a dress to decorate a room. I have some furniture and pictures, more from the turn of the century, that belonged to my family, so it would be a nice addition. I also have been collecting button hooks for a few years.

The main reason I wanted the dress is because I am such a big fan of Jane Seymour and Dr. Quinn, medicine woman. It is still one of my favorite shows, even though I have seen each episode over and over. The wedding episode is one of my favorites, as are many others.

I was watching this dress all week. During the last 5 minutes of the auction, I watched and debated, do I really need this dress? Of course not. But I really wanted it. My boyfriend knew i really wanted this dress. So while I was watching the time tick down, he grabbed the computer mouse from me and made sure I got this dress. This is my Christmas present. Nobody could be sweeter to do that for me.

This is not the first time. Because he knows I love the show so much, last year he bought me a 1900's doctor's buggy. I didn't need that either, but that's ok. We have had a lot of fun with it, as I am sure I will with this dress. It will be a lot of fun showing it off. I think its kind of cool that there are only 2 of them that exist. I can't wait to see it. I am sure it is much more beautiful in person.

I think it was very nice of the people to put the dress up for auction and give the money to the 9-11 relief fund. It's all good.

I am writing this as I am watching the Dr. Quinn, Valentine's Day, "What is Love" episode. It made me think. Sometimes love is red brocade curtains, but in my case it is a Dr. Quinn wedding dress. Now, that's special!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have received the wedding dress. It is absolutely gorgeous! Probably the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. I can now see why Jane kept the original dress.

You can tell from pictures that it is a beautiful dress, but in person it is so much more. You don't get to see all the details of the dress in pictures. The Wedding episode did show more details. That was fun to watch.

The embroidery on the train and bodice is just amazing, it looks like little flowers, and has pearl accents. The lace also has amazing detail. The workmanship on this dress is just unbelievable.

I would love to model the dress for everyone, but a size 4 I am not. However, I will still get much enjoyment out of the dress.

To everyone, I wish a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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April 2002 -- This is from Jill, the winner of the t-shirt which Jane painted and auctioned as part of the Snuggle campaign to raise money for Make-a-Wish Foundation. You can view Jane modeling the t-shirt to the left.

"I have always enjoyed Jane as an actress and watched Dr Quinn from the beginning until the end. I saw Jane on Rosie O'Donnell, with the T-Shirt and thought it was beautiful. Jane is a very talented artist. I also believe in what Make-A-Wish foundation does. I had checked out the auction and knew that it was one of the nicest T-shirts in the auction. Jane had said it was a larger size and currently so am I, so I thought it might be nice to try bidding on it. I admit I got caught up in the auction, but knew that the money was going to such a good cause and this was a one-of-a-kind item that I would really enjoy. Thank you, Jane."

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March 2002 -- Hello. My name is Raysi. My story is about meeting my soulmate and introducing him to my favorite movie Somewhere In Time. On October 1st 2000 ... I met a wonderful man in a chatroom. We soon got to know much more about each other and became wonderful friends. Not long after that, we were making plans to meet. I had introduced him to the movie Somewhere in Time, which he had never seen before, so for Christmas 2000, I sent him the movie on VHS and also the CD, which he fell in love with, and still today it's his favorite movie.

Well, when we were making plans to meet he asked me where I would like to meet. I said where they filmed Somewhere In Time -- Mackinac Island Michigan. He said we would and made all the arrangements, payed for everything, which was very expensive because I live in Florida and he lives in PA. Our meeting was so beautiful. It was like when Richard saw Elise for the first time. When he checked in they thought we were on our honeymoon.

The Island is so full of beauty and romance. I felt as if I was Elise that whole time and that Richard was the man I was with. It was like my dream come true. We are planning on going again next year and we still live the same romance that Richard and Elise shared which is an everlasting love. I just want Jane Seymour to know she is an incredible woman, full of beauty and knowledge. Thank you, Jane, for making the meeting between my soulmate and me possible.

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