by: Jane Seymour and James Keach

Seymour will forever be immortalized as her signature character, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. However, there is more to this lady than an award-winning acting career. With the release of Splat!, Yum! and several follow-up children's books, Seymour, with help from her husband—actor, director and writer James Keach—has emerged as a formidable children’s author. The inspiration for these books was the couple’s twins, John and Kris.

Jane's charming and fun-loving twin boys not only inspired her exclusive collection of children's clothes, but a series of equally charming, entertaining and educational children's books as well. The books, which she wrote with her husband James Keach, follow two twin cool cats and their colorful antics as they grow and learn.

Inspired by the antics of their twin sons, Kris and John, Jane collaborated with her husband to write this series of children's books. Illustrated by Geoffrey "Jeep" Planer, these books celebrate the lively family of the Malibu Cats who, like their live counterparts, have countless whacky adventures in their home by the sea.

The twins' nicknames came about when Jane was pregnant with them. During the ultrasound scans, Jane and James found themselves referring to the twins as "This One" and "That One." "Hey, look, That One is moving and This One is huge and This One has more hair than either of us!" And thus, the series was born!

THIS ONE 'N THAT ONE: Yum! The Tale of Two Cookies -
by: Jane Seymour and James Keach
1998 - G.P. Putnam's Sons

THIS ONE 'N THAT ONE: Splat! The Tale of the Colorful Cat -
by: Jane Seymour and James Keach
1998 - G.P. Putnam's Sons

THIS ONE 'N THAT ONE: Boing! No Bouncing on the Bed -
by: Jane Seymour and James Keach
1999 - G.P. Putnam's Sons

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Me (This One and That One Block Books) -
Play (This One and That One Block Books) -
Talk (This One and That One Block Books) -


Review by: Monica Barker

Fans of THIS ONE and THAT ONE's first story, Yum!, will be equally delighted with Splat!, the second in a series about the adventures of twin "kits", THIS ONE and THAT ONE.

On this particular Sunday morning, The Malibu cats all had something to do or somewhere to go--everyone except THIS ONE and THAT ONE. They were staying home with their dad, Big Jim. Everyone in the Malibu cats' house was up extra early-everyone except Big Jim. But, THIS ONE and THAT ONE were up extra early, so sleepy old Big Jim got up too. He tried to get the twins dressed. Then, he tried to get them breakfast. Then he tried to clean up the mess. By 9:30, the kits were bored and no one would be home until lunchtime. What would Mommy do? Even though he knew it was a bad idea, dad got Lady Jane's paints out of the closet for THIS ONE and THAT ONE. The painting project he suggests doesn't turn out quite the way he expects…

"Some blue for his nose,
And spots of red;
Some green for the hair
On a furry head
Some white for his paws,
And pink on his heart.
Old Big Jim
Is a work of art!"

Twin kittens can be quite a pawful! Seymour, Keach and Planer come through again. 4 - 7 year-olds will enjoy the funny story and bold, bright illustrations of Splat! Just watch out that they don't get any colorful ideas of their own!

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Review of Splat! The Tale of a Colorful Cat

Review by: Karen Shelton
I must say that I am very impressed with the illustrations. They are all well done. The Splat book has a bright yellow cover with an adorable drawing of This One and That one, the little kittens. This book was inspired by how Jane Seymour experienced her husband James with their two young twin boys.

It is a cute story and guarantees some smiles, if not outright giggles. The morale of this story: never fall asleep with two kittens on the loose. Yum and A Tale of Two Cookies would make perfect Christmas gifts for the youngsters on your list. The This One and That One series is bound to be a favorite children's series for years to come.

Yum!: A Tale of Two Cookies

This is a great bedtime story for the kids. In case you haven't figured it out yet, Lady Jane is Jane Seymour and Big Jim is husband James Keach. Illustrator Geoffrey Planer has done a wonderful job drawing the kittens and making this a very warm and attractive book. This is definitely a book about the family. In fact, Jane and James wrote the book for their 3 year old twin sons John and Kristopher.

It is definitely a book to evoke giggles and smiles from most youngsters. This One & That One is about a warm and loving family of cats. It should appeal to most children and some adults who still are children at heart. This One & That One is already very popular and rising on the sales charts. Jane and James will be penning an entire series of children's books guaranteed to capture the hearts and souls of children everywhere.

Jane Seymour may have found the perfect new career with her new line of children's books, This One and That One. A one-hour movie based on This One and That One are already in the works and it may eventually be a series.

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